Top 10 Best Hedgehog Wheel 2020 Reviews

Hedgehogs are very sensitive animals, they too need physical activity to remain fit or else they’ll end up in depression and eventually die. Unlike dogs, we cannot take them for a walk on a leash or let them run around freely outdoors. So, the best thing to keep them fit and active is to provide them with a hedgehog wheel.

Hedgehogs require a wheel because they love to run and can actually run up to 12 miles at 12 MPH. A good wheel should be 10.5″ or 12″ in diameter and it should also be without gaps and ridges and should have a soft surface to avoid injuries.

Hedgehog wheels have multiple benefits:

  1.  Encourage fitness It is harmful to the hedgehogs to live an inactive life. So, by installing a hedgehog wheel in its cage, you can promote physical activity and fitness for the hedgehog.
  2. Satisfy their natural instinct Hedgehogs, like hamsters, have the natural instinct to run and run. Since they will be in their cage, you can add a hedgehog wheel to enhance their natural instinct with a touch of the natural environment.
  3. Removes tedium – Being confined in a tight area or cage can cause boredom. A hedgehog wheel will reduce boredom and provide the hedgehog with something to do while remaining fit. And help in eliminating the feel of being caged.
  4. Enhances stimulation and health – Hedgehog wheels offer better exercise activities for hedgehogs and keep the boredom away. This, in turn, helps in preventing psychological problems.


Things to Consider before Buying a Hedgehog Wheel


The wheels you select for your hedgehog should match the size of your pet. The suitable diameter for a hedgehog wheel should be a minimum of 7 inches. Both the depth and height differ in different models. Be sure that the wheel fits with your pet’s width for ideal comfort.

Harmony with the Cage

Look for an exercise wheel that is compatible with the cage and makes installation easier. Keep in mind that the hedgehog wheel should be smaller than the cage in size.  Many brands offer models that can be detached from the cage or a model that can be fit into the cage with cage attachments for easy installation.


Hedgehog wheels come in metal or plastic. Metal wheels are stronger and expensive than plastic wheels. But both have distinctive qualities. Like, plastic wheels lack rungs but they need to be changed every 2 years, while metal wheels should be polished or powder-coated to create a smooth path. You can even texture your pet’s path but be careful.


Rungs are the horizontal support placed closely in the inner surface of a hedgehog wheel for a pet’s feet. This can be harmful to your hedgehog as its feet can get stuck between the rungs and injure it. Choose a model with the metallic or plastic inner surface. 

Balance and Security

Choose a stable and sturdy hedgehog wheel for your pet’s safety. It should be able to stand firmly on the ground and not tip over during use. Also, keep in mind to look for hedgehog wheels that are feet-safe for your pet. Hedgehog wheels with ribs are comfortable and smooth that do not let your pet’s feet slip off from the path. Another thing to keep in mind is enclosed wheels, which are easy to clean and provide higher lucidity.

Noiseless wheels

Hedgehogs like sleeping during the day and being active at night. You definitely don’t want your good night’s sleep to be disturbed by the sound of a moving wheel.  Look for a hedgehog wheel that is quiet but does keep in mind that noiseless wheels are expensive but worth the good night’s sleep.

Netting and Crossbar Wheels

Keep in mind that netting can be deadly for your hedgehog, as their toe or feet can get stuck in it and cause harm to them. Crossbar wheels are dangerous too when your pet tries to step off from it while it is still rolling can lead to injuries and bleeding.

Effortless Cleaning

It is always hygienic and sanitary to keep your pet and its things clean. You only want the best for your pet, so choose a hedgehog wheel which is easier to clean. You can easily clean plastic wheels with soap and water as they do not collect too much dirt whereas Metals are difficult to be cleaned since there is a chance of them being corroded.


Top 10 Best Hedgehog Wheel In The Market


Best Hedgehog Wheel Reviews

#1 Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 12″ Wide + Cage Attachment – Silent, Fast, Durable Exercise Wheel – Sugar Gliders, Degus, Rats, Hedgehogs, Prairie Dogs & Small Pets


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Product Dimensions – 13.5″ tall on stand, 12″ wheel diameter, 4″ wide track, 4″ diameter openings, 5″ wide on the stand.

Weight – 3.2 pounds

Material Type – Heavy-duty metal hardware and high-quality plastic parts.


  • Silent Marking
  • Non-slip textured track for a firm grip
  • Hygienic, wheels detach for easy cleaning
  • Joint protection, metal stand prevents your pet from accumulating joint paint.

The Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner is the ultimate Hedgehog wheel for your pet with its high-quality metal hardware and plastic parts. It offers a secure closed-off design with a front plate grant extra security, seclusion, and confinement. 

It’s an innovative dual ball- bearing technology is designed with two stainless steel ball bearings around the backplate that ensures sleek and noiseless wheel movement. Fits in Cages that are at least 14 Inches Tall or more!


  • Noise-free
  • Easy and effortless cleaning
  • Perfect size


  • The smell of the urine and feces gets embedded in the plastic parts.
  • Lacks Cage attachment, hence it becomes shaky.


#2 Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches


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Product Dimensions – 8.2 x 8.2 x 9.8 inches, 8.5”diameter

Weight – 0.5 pounds

Material Type – High-quality metal and plastic parts



  • Noise-free operation
  • Tail-safe wheel design
  • Adaptable – free-standing or cage attachment choice.
  • Durable chew-proof metal wire mesh


The Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5 Inches is designed with built-in hooks and direct-connect wheel hub. It has a smooth and firm running space to protect the sensitive feet of your pet without slipping or injuring itself. Its comfort wheel and silent spinner are made with high-quality plastic to provide your pet with a smooth running track. Its unique design allows for easy entry and exit. 



  • High-quality durable plastic.
  • Chew-proof material
  • No squeaking or shaking. It is quite sturdy



  • A little noisy than expected
  • Wheels are solid, absorb the urine, and need to be cleaned daily.


#3 Ware Manufacturing Metal Small Pet Tread Exercise Wheel

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Product Dimensions – 7 x 10.8 x 12.5 inches, 11’ diameter

Weight – 0.7 pounds

Material Used – Powder-coated metal


  • Chew-proof steel construction
  • Powder-coated metal for smooth running
  • Safe for your pet’s toes and nails
  • Sanitary running area


The Ware Manufacturing Metal Exercise wheel is highly silent and safe for your pet. It will keep your pet entertained and active, while it would help him become fit and healthy.


  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for small pet
  • Safe and Secure


  • Cheap quality wheel, very weak


#4  Mojetto Comfort Wheel

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Product Dimensions – 5.6 x 3.9 x 2.6 inches, 8.5” diameter

Weight – 0.35 pounds

Material Type – High-quality plastic


  • Freestanding or Cage attachment choice.
  • Tail-safe design
  • Heavy-duty wire stand and 2-way attachment clip
  • Quiet operation

The Mojetto Comfort Wheel features a secure and strong running track, with heavy-duty wire stand and a 2-way attachment clip that allows the wheel with 2 options: free-standing or clipped to the cage. It comes in various assorted colors.


  • Smooth running track when coated with vegetable oil
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and spacious for a small pet



  • Noisier than expected
  • Cheap plastic quality makes it difficult for the wheel to spin


#5 Sugar Hedgehog/Chinchilla Exercise Wide Track 12″ WODENT Wheel in RED with Black Panels


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Product Dimensions – 13×4.5×3.6 inches, 12” diameter

Weight – 0.2 pounds

Material Type – Metal and Plastic quality


  • Tail safe
  • Built-in hooks
  • Direct- wheel connect
  • Chew-proof material

The Sugar Hedgehog wheel is designed to enhance your pet’s fitness and to make it fit. This is the only hedgehog wheel track that is recommended by ASPCA.


  • Sturdy and strong
  • Tail safe and feet safe
  • Chew proof material makes it non-toxic for pets


  • A little noisy 
  • Traps feces inside the wheels


#6 Petacc Hamster Exercise Wheel Pet Hedgehog Wheel with Holder, 6” Diameter

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Product Dimensions – 6.7 x 6.7 x 3.2 inches, 6”diameter

Weight –   0.4 pounds

Material Type – High-quality plastic


  • Smooth and Silent
  • Axle-free design
  • Practical exercise wheel
  • Ideal size

The Petacc Hedgehog Wheel has an axle-free design that keeps your pet from getting its tail or feet stuck between the wheels. Ideal to keep your pet fit and healthy.


  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth running track
  • Axle-free design keeps your pet tail and feet safe.



  • Small in size


#7  Hamster Wheel 8” Pet Comfort Exercise Wheel Large and Easy Attach to Wire Cage for Hamsters Gerbils Chinchillas Hedgehogs Mice and Other Small Animals – Premium PP Material Blue


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Product Dimensions – 8.9 x 3.9 x 8.7 inches, 8” diameter

Weight – 1 pound

Material Type – PP and ABS


  • Non-slip, Safe and Super thick disk wall design
  • Premium Grade PP material
  • Quiet movement
  • 3- Point seamless button design


Hamster Wheel 8” Pet Comfort Exercise Wheel Large and Easy Attach to Wire Cage is designed especially for small animals and has a thick and a detachable wall and the steel body prevents squeaking. This rodent wheel is equipped with a 3-point seamless button design for balance and safety. Also, medial-lateral roulette stampede convex effectively increases friction and prevents slipping. The high-quality PP material, non-toxic, and prevents injury enhances longevity and maintains rotating speed stability. And the circular edge set will make it safer, stronger, and efficiently prevent chewing. This is the ideal hedgehog wheel for your pet, as it provides security with comfort!


  • Easy cleaning
  • Noiseless sturdy wheel
  • Thick wall design provides safety and security.


  • It traps the pet’s toes between the wheels
  • The hardware attached to the cage is very weak.


#8 Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel, Colors May Vary

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Product Dimensions –7 x 12 x 14 inches, 12” diameter

Weight – 2.65 pounds

Material Type- High-quality plastic and metal parts


  • Ball-bearing technology
  • High – quality plastic running area
  • Enclosed spinner hub for reduced noise
  • Works two ways – Freestanding or directly attached to the wire cage.

The Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel is designed with an enclosed spinner hub for reduced noise and a more efficient workout for your pet. The silent spinner works two ways, either free-standing or attached to a wire cage. Its high-quality plastic running surface is safe and comfortable for your pet’s sensitive feet and is tail safe too. The main purpose of this wheel is to provide fitness to your pet with perfect silence.


  • Silent and easy to assemble
  • Snap together feature makes cleaning easier
  • It doesn’t squeak once you oil it



  • Poor quality item
  • Feces stuck between the wheels start to stink.


#9 BioBubble Whisper Wheel, 6″, White and Purple

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Product Dimensions – 8 x 5 x 15 inches, 6” diameter

Weight – 0.7 pounds

Material Type – High-quality plastic and metal parts



  • Quiet technology
  • Easy clean operation
  • High-quality nontipping base
  • Strong and Durable


The BioBubble Whisper Wheel is specially designed to reduce noise and enhance the quiet running experience for your pet. Its high-quality materials promote stability and durability.



  • Truly very quiet
  • Spins efficiently and better
  • Easy to clean



  • A little small for adult hedgehogs
  • Wheels keep getting unattached from the base


#10 Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 12″ Wide + Cage Attachment – Silent, Fast, Durable Exercise Wheel – Sugar Gliders, Degus, Rats, Hedgehogs, Prairie Dogs & Small Pets


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Product Dimensions – 13.5″ tall on stand, 12″ wheel diameter, 4″ wide track, 4″ diameter openings, 5″ wide on stand.

Weight – 0.2 pounds

Material Type – Heavy-duty metal and high-quality plastic


  • Non-slip and safe
  • Promotes Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Dual ball-bearing technology
  • Joint protection


The Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 12” Wide Hedgehog wheel features a dual ball-bearing technology, which ensures that the wheels move smoothly and silently. The bearings move around the bolt instead of sliding and creating noise. The metal stand protects the pet from joint pain. Its closed-off design ensures privacy and containment with fitness and cheerfulness for your pet. It is the most ideal wheel for your pet and is noise-free and safe.





#11 Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield – 11″ Running Wheel for Small Pets

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Product Dimensions – 11” diameter, 12” tall with a stand

Weight – 1.8 pounds

Material Type – High quality plastic walls


  • Wall to wall tail shield
  • Silent spinners
  • Complete axle cover
  • Durable and safe


The SunCoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Wheel Senior and Tail Shield 11” is designed to give your pet a smooth and comfortable running track. It includes a wall to wall plastic track that covers the wheels and the axle. The shield limits the constant need to check for stickiness that leads to tail injuries since the tail cannot exit the wheel and reach the axle. It is more durable and sturdy.



  • Safe and secure for the hedgehog
  • It is quiet
  • Prevents arched back of the pet



  • It is difficult to clean the wheel
  • The wheel starts to make a squeaky sound when the pet runs on it, risking the wheel to get loose.


#12 Quality Cage Crafters 15″ Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel – Handmade in USA – Quietest Wheel You Will Find – Prairie Dog Wheel – Built to Last


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Product Dimensions – 15 x 8 x 15 inches, 15” diameter

Weight – 8 pounds

Material Type – Metal and wood construction


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Safe open-wheel design
  • Silver vein powder coated ring for a strong grip
  • Noise-less


The Quality Cage Crafters 15” is designed with metal and wooden material for longer durability and quality. It has a safe open-wheel design with a wide running space and dual ball- bearing for durability and safety. It is big in size and will surely fit in all the cages comfortably and stably.  



  • Noise-free
  • Spacious and durable.
  • Huge in size and spins well



  • Paint comes off when the pet chews on it.


#13 Bestmemories Wooden Exercise Wheel for Hamster Running Spinner Wheel Wooden Chew Toys Exercise Wheel Natural Running Tools for Cute Little Pets Hamsters Gerbils Chinchillas Guinea Pigs Animals


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Product Dimensions – 7.87 x 4.72 x 8.86 inches, 7.87” diameter

Weight – 1.4 pounds

Material Type- Wood


  • Solid running track for excellent grip
  • Natural wooden wheel of safety stand and a closed rear wall
  • The optimal size of the wheel
  • Unique shape

The best memories wooden wheel is designed to give your pet a safe and fun experience. A safety stand and a closed-back to protect your pet from getting stuck and the size of the wheel limits the strain from the pet’s spine. 



  • The quietest wheel for several pet owners
  • Good for your pet’s nails
  • Sturdy and strong



  • It is heavy, so it might be difficult for young hedgehogs to spin it.


#14 Yosooo Small Animals Exercise Wheel Hamster Pets Wooden Rest Nest Playing Toy

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Product Dimensions – 7.1 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches

Weight –1 pound

Material Type – Wood


  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Safe and comfortable to climb
  • Noise-free
  • Helpful to develop stability and agility


The Yosooo wheel is made of solid wood for perfect stability and sturdiness. It is perfectly safe for your pet to climb and run on. 



  • Sturdy
  • Silent
  • Easy to wash



  • It stinks if your pet pees on the wooden wheel
  • Rough wood might cut your pet’s sensitive feet


#15 Hamster Wheel 8” Pet Comfort Exercise Wheel Large and Easy Attach to Wire Cage for Hamsters Gerbils Chinchillas Hedgehogs Mice and Other Small Animals – Premium PP Material Blue


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Product Dimensions – 8.9 x 3.9 x 8.7 inches

Weight – 1.2 pounds

Material Type – PP


  • Nonslip and safe
  • Quiet
  • Super firm disc wall design
  • High-quality PP material


The Hamster wheel 8” is noise-free, slip-proof, and sturdy with its thick disc wall design. It is equipped with a 3-point seamless button design to create stability and safety for your pet. Also, medial-lateral roulette stampede convex efficiently increases friction and prevents slipping. It is made from PP material which is non-toxic and creates a firm grip. 



  • Stable and secure with its safety measures.
  • No slipping, perfect grip
  • High-quality material


  • The wheel produces squeaky sound while moving


Best Hedgehog Wheels Buying Guide

1. Some products are harder to clean while some tend to get cleaned easily. Wheels are usually easier to clean because they have fewer parts. Choose a model that can be opened completely for better deep cleaning whenever needed. Plastic materials are easier to clean as they do not collect too much dirt and can be cleaned easily with soap and water. Whereas, metal wheels have the risk of getting corroded.

2. Try to study more about the product’s dimensions; height, width, and diameter. Measure it and make sure if it will fit suitably in your cage. The wrong size would only cause harm and injury to your pet. After you’re well aware of the size chart, you’re good to go.

3. Next, look for a sturdy wheelbase that isn’t shaky or squeaky and stands firmly without the apparent chance of falling and hurting your pet. It shouldn’t be slippery for the pet to run on, your pet should feel comfortable and spirited. Also, ensure that the wheel is tail and feet safe. You would obviously want the best for your pet, and wouldn’t want it to get any harm.

4. If you want a goodnight’s sleep, look for a silent wheel. Hedgehogs tend to sleep during the day and they become active at night, hence you don’t want to hear them squeaking noise all night.

5. Choose a model that has plastic or metal inner surfaces. Wheels with rungs can be unsafe for your pet. You don’t want to wake up one day and find your pet’s feet stuck in the wheel.

6. Look for proper cage attachments which will be sturdy enough to maintain stability without the risk of falling and injuring your pet.


What to Avoid when Purchasing The Best Hedgehog Wheel

1. Avoid buying Crossbars wheels for your pet. These wheels are highly dangerous when your pet might be getting down from the moving wheel, injuring it.

2. Avoid buying mesh wheels; they are definitely unsafe for your pet. Your pet’s toenails or entire foot can get stuck in it, leading to bleeding or amputation of the legs.

3. Choose a plastic or metal inner surfaced wheel instead of rungs. Rungs tend to be harmful, as your pet might get its feet stuck between the rungs.

4. Buy a compatible size hedgehog wheel for your pet; you don’t want your pet to get stuck in it. And definitely measure the cage before buying a hedgehog wheel. The hedgehog wheel should be compatible with the width of your pet.

5. Choose a sturdy and strong wheel instead of cheap plastic wheels. Even though metal wheels are expensive, they are sturdier and stronger.

6. Do not go for a loud hedgehog wheel, you do not want your pet’s fun activity to affect your sleep.


Who Should Buy a Hedgehog Wheel

Anyone who owns a hedgehog should buy a hedgehog wheel. You do not want your pet to feel caged and fall into stress. They too need physical activities and some form of fitness to remain active, healthy and to reduce the feeling of confinement and being caged.

Hedgehogs sleep during the day and wake up during the night when you are sleeping. You do not want the hedgehog to feel bored in confinement. Pet owners who are usually busy and do not have time to keep their pet entertained, can buy a hedgehog wheel for the pet’s health and well being.


Features of a Hedgehog Wheel

  • Hedgehog wheels have sturdy, durable designed wheels with a running track to promote well being and fitness of your pet. Small animals like hedgehogs, cannot be taken for a walk on a leash, hence you can give the opportunity to run on the hedgehog wheel.
  • A hedgehog wheel is usually made with high-quality metal or plastic. Both have their pros and cons. Plastic is cheaper and easier to clean but it needs to replaced every 2 years, while Metals are expensive and a little tricky to clean but they are durable and stronger than plastics.
  • Hedgehog Wheels have a non-slipper running track with a firm grip for your pet to run on it without any difficulty or harm.
  • Most hedgehog wheels are built with tail-proof and feet-proof design to keep your pet safe and sound.
  •  They are large enough in size to provide utter comfort without any misbalance or difficulty. 
  • Hedgehog wheels are built to be sturdy, strong, and stable to balance the pet without any squeaking or shaking of the wheel.



Which material is most suitable for the wheel?

Metal is stronger and durable than plastic but plastic can be cleaned easily.

Is compatibility between the size of the wheel and the pet important?

Yes, you want your pet to feel comfortable on the wheel. You do not want it to be too small or too big for it.

Which type of wheels should be avoided?

No, not all Backpack pillows are water-resistant. This quality varies from brand to brand.

How to clean a hedgehog wheel?

You can use a brush, some water, and mild soap to clean off the feces from the wheels and you can also use a disinfectant spray to clean off the infections from the wheel if any!



The best hedgehog wheel is crucial to keep your pet physically fit with a healthy well being. It is not just a decorative accessory for the hedgehog cage but a useful toy that will benefit your pet and keep him running around without feeling confined or caged. Be very careful about choosing the right hedgehog wheel, it’ is not just about the size, material, or color of the hedgehog wheel but about the safety and security of the pet with extra sanitary conditions.

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