Top 10 Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch 2020 Reviews

Pets prove to be man’s greatest companion. Pets are the most fun-loving creatures. They are the best friends of man. Pets not only help individuals to cope with their physical stress but according to reports, it has been suggested that pets can provide stability to men mentally and help them cope with emotional disturbances as well, such as stress, depression. Pets make living better by loving us unconditionally. 

Rabbits can make great pets too. They are wonderful creatures. Rabbits are adorable. They have an extremely playful nature and are quite affectionate. However, in order to pet a rabbit, they must be provided with extra comfort and care. Rabbits require proper housing for their well being. Rabbit houses are no more a problem because of the innovation of specially designed habitat for them.

Hutches or indoor cage, are usually designed to provide the comfort of appropriate housing for pets. Many pet owners prefer keeping their pets indoor to keep them in a safe, secure and comfortable environment. For all those who have pets, especially rabbits, buying a hutch or a cage is recommended for the convenience of our little friends. There a variety of cages to choose a perfect house for our pets.


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch For The Money

Rabbit cages are a big-time purchase. Just like one takes a lot of time to select a house for themselves, the same time and attention must be given to a selection of these habitats. Certain factors that must be looked into and researched before purchasing the hutch are outlined as follows:- 

  • SIZE  

The size of the hutch is the basic yet most important factor that must be taken into account. The size of the product should not just be big than the pet but it should be designed in such a way that it can accommodate the pet in such a way that no activity inside it is hindered due to the compactness. The size matters the most and must be given top preference. 


Another aspect which counts as a significant feature is the weight of the cage. The weight of the hutch determines whether it would be ideal to clean it regularly or not. Moreover, if the family members are going for their vacations, and are accompanied by the rabbit too, it is important to consider if the cage is weighs light enough to be portable. It is important to ensure that the cage is spacious yet light weight to make maintenance easy and allow portability. 


Buying a hutch for your rabbit is an expensive affair most of the times. However, one should carefully understand the accessories that are complementary to the package. These accessories include water bottles, tools and clips for assembling the hutch, a feeding bowl, feeder, separate space such as a shelf or a box to contain litter. In order to save the extra cost which would be spent on buying these, one must ensure that the variety of accessories used for a hutch are all included with the habitat. 


The flooring of the hutch must be taken into account to extend the comfort zone of your rabbit. Usually, a mesh or wire network base is considered to be a suitable flooring for the habitats. This ensure the excess debris to fall off making cleaning easy. Moreover, if the cages have a wooden based flooring, maintenance would be difficult. For cleaning them, parts would have to removed and then cleaned. A mesh base flooring seems to be more useful and is easy to maintain.


The material of the hutch is another essential element that is of great importance. The hutches or indoor cages are designed and made out of a variety of materials such as wood, metal and plastic. The material should be strong and ideal enough to carry the weight of the rabbits. Moreover, the material must allow easy cleanliness and maintenance. 


The material of the hutch should be such that it is free from chemicals and properly washed from time to time to avoid any infections or to prevent it from causing harm to your rabbit. The material should not just be of good quality but also feature safety of your pet. 

A careful analysis and considerations into these factors would help to choose the perfect housing for your pet. 


Top 10 Indoor Rabbit Hutches On The Market


Best Rabbit Hutches Reviews

In order to select the most accurate and appropriate indoor rabbit cage, one must see through the products that have secured for themselves the tag of being the best. Some of these products that prove to be better than the rest are reviewed before carefully:- 


Living World Deluxe Habitat

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The “living world” is a brand that bags the credit of being the best in constructing a comfortable lives for the pets. Their products are designed with utmost care to maintain the well being of the pets. The living world has designed a deluxe type habitat for caging rabbits. The cage is usually made up of plastic or acrylic. The cage consists of a bottom base made out of plastic and has a upper wire frame.

The hybrid cage is comfortable, well ventilated, and is constructed keeping in mind the safety concerns of the rabbit(or any other pet). The cage is designed with elegance, the upper wire at the top being red whereas the white wires are at the side. The top wire is detachable and gets separated into two for a better opening and easy access to the cage. The cage is easy to access.

Moreover, it can be cleaned well and disinfected without any complex mechanisms. The cage weighs around 19 pounds. The dimensions of this cage is ( in cm) is nearly 46.9×22.8×24 (L×W×H). The cage consists of a hiding space under the balcony of the cage to provide secure space to the rabbits. Moreover, the cage consists of a balcony too that has an easily accessible ramp. The drip proof bottle and the hay guard are both complementary with the cage and are placed outside the habitat to provide maximum space in the interior.

The bottle can be easily handled despite being placed at the exterior of the habitat. The cage can be assembled by joining all the parts. The parts required to join the cage are simple 8 plastic clips. No tools are required for constructing the hutch. The habitat comes with a food tray too.

The hutch is carefully designed to accommodate small pets such as Guinea pigs, and rabbits in a comfortable setting and organized manner. The packaging consists of all the accessories thereby cutting down on extra expenses. 


  • The product has all the accessories complementary to the habitat. 
  • Its easy to use and spacious. 
  • Designed for safety and comfort of pets. 


  • It is a bit expensive. 
  • Moreover, it can accommodate small pets only. It has a lot of space occupied so only small pets can find their comfort zone within the cage.



Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

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The KROLIK Rabbit cages are ergonomically designed for providing maximum space to the pets. The Krolik model 140 can provide a house to many rabbits simultaneously due to its large accommodation capacity. The habitat is constructed maintaining the comfortable space of the pets. The cage is extremely spacious for increasing mobility. Like almost all cages, this Krolik rabbit cage too has a front net that can be easily lifted to permit for cleaning, maintaining, and allowing easy access.

The cage comes with an anti-drip water bottle which is equipped with a hook that allows it to be attached to the cage. The bottle consists of an indicator to record the level of water in it and the capacity of this bottle is 600cc. The product comes with a bowl for feeding the pet. The cage has an already existing arrangement, a shelf, for placing the bowl. The product accessories also include a feeder for hay. This rabbit hutch weighs around 27 pounds. The dimensions of this habitat (in inches) is 55.9×23.6×19.7 (L×W×H).

This extra-large cage comes with an extended wooden hutch that seems very useful. The Krolik hutches have their wire nets and bottom completely knocked down. There is a door at the front for easy maintenance of the habitat. It also allows convenient access to the pet. The bottom is without flares and thereby provides a wide living space for the rabbits. The base is large and high and facilitates containing litter. The top door of the hutch has a lock. This comes with a one year warranty.


  • The complete set of accessories are complementary thereby cutting down on extra expenditure. 
  • The hutch is extremely large. 
  • The cage is designed to permit extra space to the rabbit with its extended wooden hutch innovation. 
  • Long term warranty.


  • The hutch is quite expensive.




Prevue Hendryx Cocoa & Cream Small Animal Cage Stand

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The Prevue small animal cage stand proves to be an ideal innovation for small animals. This cage is supported by a 4 leg stand to provide greater support and give an ergonomic design to the hutch. Moreover, the stand is not a very heavy one and comes complimentary with the package. It can be easily attached to the cage when all the parts of the cage are assembled to give the rabbit its complete habitat ready to use.

The material of the cage is plastic or acrylic. The tubular stand is made of steel attached to a plastic base. The stand can be detached and attached quite easily allowing the hutch to be portable to a great extent. The cage has two large doors. The size of the doors ensures easy access to your pet. The doors are very efficiently located at two different angles. One is placed at the top while the cage is equipped with the second floor at the side.

The hutch is provided with an extra-deep pan which is also complementary with the package. This extra deep pan provides for containing the mess. The hutch comes in a cocoa brown color while the mesh is colored in white. The cage is coated with a non-toxic powder finishing. This ensures the quick cleaning of the hutch. The hutch also has a shelf plus platform to provide the extra space and comfort to the rabbit.

The base is casted and allows mobility. The hutch weighs somewhere near 22 pounds. Its dimensions(in inches) are 33.5×20.5×33 (L×W×H). The manufacturer, Prevue Pet Products, provides a warranty of 90 days for this rabbit cage. 


  • Provided with a steel coated plastic base stand for extended support and high portability. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Permits access to the pet at any given time due to the two large doors.
  • The hutch is cost-effective. 


  • Complete set of accessories not complementary to the package.
  • The warranty period is of a very short span.



Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

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This Midwest Critter model 161 proves to be an ideal habitat for your rabbits. The manufacturer, Midwest Homes for pets provides spacious and comfortable housing for the pets and those that are designed keeping in mind the easy accessibility and maintenance on the owner’s part. This cage has made use of wire in its making. It comes in a gray quartz color.

Each of these habitat units consists of a ramp and a cover for this ramp too comes with the unit itself. The ramp is made out of plastic and ensures privacy and security to the rabbit giving him more space within the hutch. The happy feet ramp cover provides protection to the rabbit’s feet and prevents slipping off. The hutch is provided with a stand that adds to the height of the habitat and provides extended support. Moreover, this stand has locking casters to keep its location fixed or moving as per the owner’s convenience.

The horizontal wire spacing equipped with these houses allows the pet to climb too. The hutch consists of one shelf for resting and a base pan that can contain shavings and droppings and can be easily removed whenever required. There are two doors provided, both very wide and spacious. It allows easy accessibility and convenience in feeding. The shelves can be adjusted in their height in accordance with one’s pets size.

The habitat has multiple points that allow attachments to be equipped. These attachments may be water bottles or toys, feeders, or a feeding bowl. These have to be bought separately. However, the habitat has arrangements for making such accessories fixed to itself. The doors are equipped with a critter-proof dual locking latch system for the extended security of the pet. The habitat is backed by a standard warranty period of one year. It weighs around 59 pounds. 


  • The model is backed by a long term warranty period. 
  • The habitat has a ramp and pans that can be easily attached or detached to adjust the height. 
  • The stand provides support and allows portability.


  • There are no accessories included with the packaging. 
  • The housing is too expensive. 
  • Takes too much time to assemble the parts.



Good Life Two Floors Wooden Outdoor Indoor Bunny Hutch Rabbit Cage

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The Good Life indoor bunny hutch rabbit cage proves to be one of the best choice for our little rabbits. The hutch is designed in the form of a bunk bed. There are two cages, stacked on each other. The ramp proves to be helpful for the rabbit to climb through these cages anytime. The habitat is constructed out of wood. The hutch has its height raised with the help of its legs. This prevents it from being on the ground and makes it difficult for pests or dirt to get through.

The flooring of the habitat can be removed from time to time to facilitate better cleanliness and easy maintenance. This initiative allows faster cleaning of this cage. The trays or the floorings are made out of plastic as their base. Moreover, the roof is shingled with asphalt. This provides longevity, long term durability, and reliability. The habitat consists of four doors.

The two cages consist of two doors each. All doors have durable locks to add to the security of this hutch. It can accommodate a lot of pets at the same time. Moreover, it is very spacious. This hutch provides excellent space for the rabbits to play, rest, and climb around. The dimensions of this hutch (in inches) are 45×19.7× 41 (L×W×H). This hutch that has two floors stacked on each other weighs somewhere near to 51 pounds. It comes in a wooden light brown color. 


  • Easy to clean and simple to maintain. 
  • The hutch proves to be spacious and secure for the bunnies. 
  • It is durable and reliable.


  • The wood can be chewed by the rabbits causing them infection and spoiling the housing.
  • It requires a lot of tools to assemble the habitat. The joining and construction of the habitat is not very easy and simple to do. 
  • The hutch is too costly for the specifications it features. 



Kennel-Aire A Frame Bunny House

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The manufacturer, Remington, on behalf of Petmates, builds comfortable and spacious hutches for the pets keeping their safety and comfort at utmost importance. The Kennel Aire “A” frame bunny houses provides a safe home for rabbits to play and rest. This kennel is made out of strong wire. Moreover, it has a sliding pan that’s made out of plastic. It ensures access to the pet.

It also facilitates feeding the rabbits. This bunny habitat is easy to assemble and join. It does not require any tools for joining and assembling the hutch. It provides proper housing to the bunnies. These rabbit cages have an arched roof for added security. This kennel Aire A-frame bunny house is equipped with a heavy-duty stand with four caster wheels.

These four wheels allow easy mobility and transportation and can be relocated anytime at any place as per the owner’s convenience. There are wide doors at the top as well as the front too. These are of great help too. There are additional travel carriers for these houses too. However, It can be purchased separately. The dimensions of the product (in inches) is 29.5×16.5×24 (L×W×H). This rabbit hutch weighs around 15 pounds. The kennel comes in the color black.


  • The major advantage of this hutch is that it is cost-effective. 
  • It has an arched roof to add to the security of the pets. Moreover, the four caster wheels facilitate easy transportation and relocation of one’s pets.
  • The hutch has various doors for increasing accessibility to the pets. 
  • Easy to assemble housing.


  • No accessories are inclusive with the hutch. 
  • The hutch is not as spacious as it could have been.



Yaheetech Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage Indoor

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The manufacturer of these ultimate habitats, The Yaheetech, has ergonomically designed the pet house for providing the pet with a safe, comfortable and secure setting without intervention in their playing and resting chores. This ferret cage is constructed out of metal. The material used in its construction is iron. Moreover, the ferret has metal square tubes and wires that are powder coated.

The nontoxic hammertone finish paint that the cage has makes them corrosion resistant. It prevents the cage from wear and tear. The hutch features 4 heavy duty caster wheels at the bottom which have a rotational capacity of around 360°. These wheels initiate mobility. They allow easy transportation and relocation of the hutches. The ferret has a smooth surface with no sharp points and edges for the protection of the pets as well as the owners. There are six levels of tiers within these hutches, each connected with a ramp.

These allow the playful rabbits to enjoy their time resting and climbing around. It adds to the extra space for these little pets. The habitat consists of three doors for easy access to pets. All these three doors are secured with latches to maintain the security and provide protection to the rabbits. The ramps of this habitat is designed quite efficiently, keeping in mind the safety of the pets. The surface has frictions to prevent the pets from slipping off when climbing. The doors facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance.

Under this cage, there is a slide-out tray. There’s a mesh panel at the base of the cage under which the slide out tray is located. It helps in maintaining the hygienic and clean conditions inside the cage for the tray contains shavings and droppings of the pets. The cage comes with an attached water bottle or a feeder. It also includes a feeding bowl. The dimensions of the hutch, in inches, is 25×17×52 (L×W×H). This cage weighs around 29 pounds. 


  • This hutch has non slip ramp and side tray which are of great help to the owner and the pet. 
  • The three doors that this housing is equipped with proves essential in cleaning and maintaining tidy and hygienic conditions inside the hutch. 
  • The water bottle and feeding bowl are complementary to the package. 
  • The hutch is cost-effective.


  • The ramp has so many tiers or levels that it prevents adding necessary space at any given area. 
  • The construction of the habitat prevents providing too much space to the rabbit despite the cage being huge in size



Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

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The manufacturer of this habitat, the Midwest Homes for pets, provides the perfect habitat for your little rabbit. The cages are designed in a unique manner incorporating the comfort of the pet as well as that of the owner. The model has two doors, one at the top and the other at the front for easy access and providing versatility. It allows one to easily clean and maintain, access, feeding, and playing with the pet. The doors are equipped with secure latches for added security.

The front door is accessible to a sliding tray that’s made out of plastic. The habitat is protected with a urine guard as well. This prevents the urine or any debris from splashing over and causing infections to the rabbits on a later date. The hutch is protected by an electrocoat finishing which provides longevity and ensures durability. This habitat gets assembled really fast. It requires no tools for joining it up or any connecting pieces.

It is a foldable habitat that sets up in no time. The cage is equipped with a mesh for maintaining clean and hygienic conditions within the habitat. The habitat is backed by a standard warranty period of one year’s time. Moreover, the cage weighs somewhere near 20 pounds. The dimensions of the product (in inches) are 37×19×20 (L×W×H). 


  • This rabbit hutch is cost-effective. It is extremely cheap. 
  • It provides a urine guard for increased protection and hygienic conditions.
  • It is foldable, making it easily portable.
  • The hutch provides a long term warranty, ensuring longevity and durability.


  • It is not wide and spacious. 
  • The hutch has no accessories inclusive with it.



AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

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This Amazon basics small animal habitat comes in the jumbo size which is very efficient and ideal for proper well being of the rabbits. The upper frame of this rabbit habitat is made of iron wires while the bottom or the base is that of plastic. The habitat has a large and wide front and top opening. It provides convenient access to the pets. The openings initiate tasks like feeding, playing and cleaning without any difficulties. The cage provides a balcony that adds as one of its best features.

The balcony proves efficient for the rabbit. The cage accounts for a hiding space as well. This hiding space not only keeps intact the privacy of the rabbit but also ensures it a cozy, safe and secure surrounding. The ramp leads to the balcony. The model comes with a bowl made in accordance with the hutch, that fits in with the balcony. The hutch has a hook for attaching the nondrip water bottle at the exterior of the cage which provides for easy refilling and does not occupy the interior space.

This habitat is easy to assemble and requires no tools for joining the connecting pieces of the hutch. The product is backed up by a standard warranty period of one year. The hutch weighs around 19 pounds and its dimensions (in inches) are 48.6×26.6×20.6 ( L×W×H). 


  • It is designed efficiently, providing an utmost comfortable setting and is spacious. 
  • It has a balcony and a hideaway. 
  • The product is equipped with the necessary accessories. 
  • The product is cost-effective. 


  • It has to clean with a lot of care due to the various adjoining parts and spaces that this hutch consists of. 



Petsfit Wood Rabbit Cage

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The Petsfit indoor rabbit bunnies cage is one of the most efficiently and conveniently designed hutches for our rabbits. This rabbit habitat has a sliding tray. This tray can be easily attached and detached to the entire housing arrangement whenever required. The tray is deep and it is leak proof making it easier to maintain. The Petsfit provides for a replacement tray whenever required. The habitat provides a wide and huge space to accommodate the rabbit comfortably.

One portion of the hutch is made out of a network of wires making maintenance easier. The wire networks are made out of iron. The habitat can easily carry the weight of 2-3 rabbits. The other half has a hideaway sort of design, it is made of wood and is prevented from being chewed. The side that’s made out of wood can be easily lifted with the help of a piston hinge to facilitate cleaning from within.

The dimensions of this hutch(in inches) are 36×20×30 (L×W×H). The color of this hutch is in a lovely combination of grey and white. The habitat is painted with a water base that proves to be safe for the pet. The habitat can be assembled easily by connection parts and pieces. The cage weighs somewhere near 3.5 pounds. This rabbit cage or hutch is backed by a warranty period of 30 days. 


  • The hutch is lightweight. It is designed in a precise manner. 
  • The cage is fully protective and has all safety measures for securing the rabbits.v
  • It is wide and can accommodate the rabbit in all comfort due to the extra space it provides. 


  • The warranty period is very short.
  • The hutch is extremely expensive. 
  • The habitat comes with no complementary accessories. 


Best Indoor Rabbit Cage Buying Guide

In order to make an appropriate selection for purchasing the best cages for your little friends, various guidelines are outlined below. Some of the most important of these are as follows:- 


A rabbit cage or a hutch must be purchased keeping in mind the convenience of the rabbit as the most important criteria for selection. A cage is home to the rabbit and therefore it must be ensured that it is comfortable and convenient enough for the rabbit to survive within it without any intervention and in all comfort. 


Before buying the hutch, an owner must be aware of the space that their property would take to contain the rabbit hutch. The owner must make sure that he or she can provide that extra space to the cage in their household so that it can be placed in properly and does not require constant relocation. 

  • SIZE

The size of the hutch depends on the size of the rabbits or rather, the number of rabbits who would be staying in. At first, it is essential to buy a hutch that can house any age-old rabbit to prevent any later issues. Secondly, it should be seen whether its ideal for a single or two or more pets. The size of the hutch must always be 4 to 5 times bigger than that of the rabbit to accommodate the pet and allow them their mobility and freedom of activities within the specified area. 


The dimensions of the cage must be carefully analyzed. The hutch must be such that it has a height that makes it easy for the rabbit to climb and walk around without any intervention. Moreover, it should not be light enough to not be able to carry the weight of the rabbit. The hutch must be wide for making the housing more spacious. Certain aspects of dimensions must be considered before purchasing the rabbit cage. 


One must ensure that the hutch has multiple openings or doors for various purposes. Multiple doors facilitate easy maintenance. Cleaning becomes easy and simple. It must allow feeding the rabbits easily. Accessibility should be initiated and increased. Multiple openings are a must lookout while buying a hutch.


One should ensure that the material of the hutch is chemical-free and would not harm the rabbit in any way. Moreover, the ramps should be non slip ones preventing the rabbits from falling off and hurting their feet. On the part of the owner, the material should be such that it requires easy maintenance, and a cleaning does not become a difficult chore.


One must consider the accessories that are inclusive of the hutch. The accessories must be complementary to the package in order to avoid additional expenses.


After considering a fixed budget, one must ensure that all features and specifications fall into the range of budget making it a worthy buy. Reviews should be checked and looked into before making the final purchase. All in all, the budget must be reasonable for the accessories that a hutch accompanies itself with.


Things To Avoid While Buying Best Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Just like various aspects are to be considered and must be taken into account for buying a rabbit cage, there are certain things that must be avoided to make the best purchase. Some of the things that can be avoided when making your choice are as follows:- 


Accessories must be given importance while buying a hutch but too much importance in this field seems useless. For instance, the hutch is extremely expensive, it would accommodate a set of accessories and it’s fine. But if the hutch is cost-effective, and does not include feeders and bowls and other such things, one must avoid it and make the purchase on the basis of other features.


One can usually avoid going by reviews while making a purchase for everyone who has different pets and every pet is accustomed to different living conditions. What suits my pet the best would be very different than what suits my neighbor’s pet. Hence, reviews must be avoided.


It is suitable and completely fine if one avoids buying a hutch with a stand. The stand allows transportation and mobility. It facilitates relocation. But quite honestly, an indoor hutch needs no mobility or transportation within the house. For this reason, the stand can be avoided while purchasing a rabbit cage or a hutch. 


Who Should Buy Indoor Rabbit Hutch/Cage?

Rabbits make wonderful pets. There are so many people throughout that have rabbits as their pets. A large population would want to provide their rabbits with a comfortable setting and spacious arrangement for free activities and easy mobility. This would be a hindrance when the rabbit just roams about in the household due to a variety of tasks being performed at the same time and thereby causing intervention to the rabbits.

Such people prefer a rabbit cage for their rabbits to provide them a secure and convenient living space. Moreover, there are people who are not always around to look if their rabbit is fine or not, and such people for these reasons, when are not around, keep their pets in a safe setting. Moreover, when there is more than one pet in the house, like a cat or s couple of birds, rabbits must be caged too for their safety as well as the safety of other pets. 

For such people, buying a rabbit cage not only becomes a luxury provision to accommodate their little pet in a cozy environment but it also becomes a necessity for them to avoid other drawbacks that would affect the pet and the owner’s lifestyle. 

Everything has its own set of goods and bads. Sometimes, the good outweighs the bad while other times, it’s the other way round. For a rabbit cage or a hutch too, there is a range of properties either falling into the category of advantages or disadvantages. Some of both of this categorization are depicted. 


  • The indoor rabbit cages provide protection to the rabbits. It allows them to live in a constant temperature which proves to be helpful for them. 
  • The cages prove to be a secure and safe place for rabbits. It ensures safety from predators. 
  • The habitats provide the rabbits with their own privacy. It does not cause any disturbance or intervention in their playing, feeding, climbing or any other activities. 
  • The cages are ergonomically designed to increase the mobility of the rabbits. 


  • Due to the droppings and shavings, the indoor cages stink a lot. They need to be cleaned regularly. The rabbit needs to be washed frequently too to avoid being in a dirty space. 
  • Most of the hutches are quite expensive. 
  • The material may be chewed by the rabbits, causing them allergies and infections. 



Various customers have clarified their doubts regarding the product by asking a variety of questions. Some of the most basic and important answers to those questions are laid out as follows – 

Yes, rabbit cages or hutches are extremely easy to clean, maintain and disinfect. 
The rabbit habitats must be cleaned using a mild, pet friendly and safe cleanser and warm water. These must be sprayed or wiped with a cloth to disinfect the hutch.
No. The accessories kit comes complementary with particular brands. It varies from brand to brand. 
Yes, one can replace (if within the warranty period) or purchase a sliding tray separately. 
No. The mesh base does not hurt the rabbit. All cages are made to protect the rabbits and prevent them from causing harm.  


Indoor Rabbit cages or Hutches are extremely useful. The consumer must carefully analyze and look into all aspects to select the best housing for their rabbits that are capable of providing them with great care and security. 

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