Top 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds in 2020 Reviews

Pet owners treat their pets like their own family members; they want their pets to have the same comfort and safety as they have. Orthopedic dog beds have been designed to provide your dog with the ideal comfort while it reduces strain and tension from the dog’s joints and bones. The orthopedic dog bed is ideal for old dogs but it can be useful for all dogs suffering from arthritis or any other joint pain.

A good orthopedic bed will delay arthritis and hip dysplasia and prevent your dog from suffering severe joint pain and strain. Your dog deserves to get a good night’s rest and sleep on a comfortable bed that also limits joint aches. A superior quality orthopedic dog bed would not only provide your dog with the ultimate support but would also keep your dog comfortable and relaxed.


Things to Consider before Buying an Orthopedic Dog bed


One thing you want to do before purchasing an orthopedic dog bed is to measure your dog. You don’t want the bed to be too small or too big for your dog. If you’re buying an orthopedic bed for your large dog, then you should consider adding 10 inches in the measurement, while you need to plus 5 inches in the measurements of your smaller pooch sized dog. You need to make sure your dog is able to stretch and relax properly.


The next thing is to measure your dog’s weight and be sure whether the orthopedic bed would be able to support the dog’s weight or not. You don’t want your dog to slip amidst sleeping or feeling uncomfortable. You obviously want what’s best for it!

Contoured inner Stuffing

Your dog’s orthopedic bed comes in a variety of stuffing and foam. You can choose the most suitable bed for your dog from the following options-

  1. a) air-inflated bed: Air-filled beds are lighter in weight and tend to be water-resistant. Hence, they act as the ideal bed for traveling and grant easy portability.
  2. b) Memory foam bed: Memory foam is the most ideal choice for dogs suffering from arthritis or dysplasia. This type of bedding is also known as Therapeutic Dog beds because they act as a therapy bed to relieve your dog from joint aches and strain. It has an insulation feature that allows it to adjust as per the temperature changes.
  3. c) Egg-crate foam bed: An egg-crate foam bed is cheaper than a memory-foam bed. It is shaped like an egg providing extra spacious space to your dogs. This bed has been designed for all seasons; it will keep your dog cool in summers and warm in winters. But the downside is that it lacks extra foamy layers which make it lighter and less supportive. 

Heated bed pads 

A comfortable heated bed is ideal for your dog as it will keep it supported and relieved. Heat expands blood vessels and promotes blood circulation, allowing your dog to prevent joint aches and strain. 


It is advised to buy an orthopedic bed that has removable covers. It will be easier for you to remove the covers and wash them, providing your dog with the needed cleanliness and hygiene. 


The thickness of the bed is very important for your dog, as it determines comfort and support. A thicker bed would provide higher support and comfort. But keep in mind that the thickness of the bed can also be affected by the material of the bed. A Comfortable stuffed foam would maintain thickness while a bed with thin foam would reduce thickness. Large dogs tend to like thicker beds while smaller dogs prefer thin padded beds.


A waterproof is highly recommended as slight water or urine can damage the foam and material. As the dog’s age they tend to lose their abilities and control, they can urinate and vomit on their bed without any warning. So, look for a bed that can be easily cleaned and doesn’t absorb odor.


Most dogs tend to find a suitable comfortable position by scratching and tearing their bed. They believe in making their bed themselves, you don’t want your dog’s bed to get worn out on a shorter run. So, look for a highly durable and thickly designed orthopedic dog bed.

Other features

You need to make sure the bed won’t flatten due to frequent use and support. It is always viable to make sure that the bed can easily support your dog. Also, make sure the bed is non-slippery and has a soft texture.

Chew-resistant design

If your dog has a habit of chewing things, you can opt for a chew-free bed that also has chew-free cords and heating pads. You can relax and stay tension free because your dog won’t be able to bite the bed.


Top 10 Orthopedic Dog Beds In The Market


Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Reviews

#1 PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, CertiPUR-US Orthopedic Memory Foam, Size/Color Options, Medium Firmness Pillow, Waterproof Liner, YKK Zippers, Breathable 35% Cotton, Cert. Skin Contact Safe, 3yr. Warranty

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The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is made from solid 4-inch memory foam to provide higher comfort and support to your dog suffering from arthritis or dysplasia. This bed is even designed to reduce anxiety and stress while promoting a genuine state of mental health of your dog. It is suitably padded with 65% polyester and 35% cotton for higher durability and relaxation. It even has recycled green bolsters that have been generously filled in the dog bed to provide your dog with a calm and cozy experience. It has luxurious padded head and neck support for your dog to relax his head and neck on.

You can even wash its removable cover without any tension of your dog damaging or dirtying the foam.  The cover has been significantly designed to resist water absorption and liquid stains; you can remove the covers easily with its 2 zipper compartments. The entire cover design and foam are breathable to promote air circulation and blood flow, it is also soft and comfortable for your dog.  It has the capacity to accommodate 100 pounds, so both your small pooch and a large dog can sleep in it comfortably.  It also comes in different sizes from which you can choose the most ideal one for your dog!

Dimensions- 36x28x9 inches

Weight- 14 Pounds

Material- Solid Memory Foam


  1. Removable, washable cover
  2. Water-resistant cover with a breathable design
  3. Head and neck support
  4. Recycled green bolsters.


  • Soft texture with generously padded foam
  • 4-inch thick memory foam
  • Breathable material
  • Water-resistant and removable covers



  • Cheap quality zippers
  • The covers produce noise when the dogs sit on it or move
  • Cheap quality cover


#2 Better World Pets 5-inch Thick Orthopedic Dog Bed | Pure Premium Shredded Memory Foam Ideal for Aging Dogs | Waterproof Removable Washable Cover

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The Better World Orthopedic Dog bed has been suitably designed to limit your dog’s sufferings and pain. The better world company designed this bed especially for their dog, Jasmine who suffers from arthritis and tends to vomit unintentionally on the bed. They designed a 5-inch thick memory foam dog bed that is water-proof and comfortable for your dog. It is not just available at an exceptional price but it also comes in various color designs. The better world organization donates 10% of the amount to the humane society of the United States whenever they sell one of their orthopedic beds.

This orthopedic dog bed has been successfully designed to match all interiors while consuming very little space; also its color hue and design avoids hair and dirt from being seen. Their 5-inch thick memory foam has been padded in separate areas to prevent the bed from sagging or bulging. This bed is indeed the ideal bed for old dogs suffering from joint illness and aches; it has a polyurethane cover that is completely waterproof and stain-resistant. It also features a non-slipper bottom that prevents the bed from slipping or sliding away. This thicker, firm yet soft bed is recommended by all dog lovers.

Dimensions- 46 x 36 x 5 inches

Material- Shredded memory foam

Weight-19 pounds


  1. Water-resistant covers
  2. Non-slippery base
  3. 5-inch thick memory foam
  4. Separate padded chambers that prevent sagging


  • Thick and comfortable
  • Water-proof polyurethane
  • Non-slippery bottom for extra comfort and easy stretching
  • Prevents joint aches and arthritis.


  • Firm base
  • Heavyweight
  • Dense mattress 


#3 Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed, Pressure-Relief Orthopedic | Waterproof Case, Washable Durable Denim Cover and Bonus 2nd External Cover, 7 Sizes, Blue


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The Dogbed4less Dog bed is the most suitable dog bed for large-sized dogs. It has a main denim cover that is made from 100% cotton and is non-chewable. It also has a second free cover that is completely waterproof and acts as a great absorbing pad in case of pee accidents or vomit. Your dog can easily stretch and sleep on this non-skid base mattress that prevents the bed from slipping away. The Dogbed4less has high-quality 5-inch memory foam that is 4 times thicker and heavier that prevents the mattress from sagging on a longer run.

It has hypo-allergenic foam which prevents bacteria, molds, and all forms of dirt from resting on the mattress. You can easily remove its covers with provided zippers and wash them to keep your dog’s bed dry and odor-free. This dog bed is even much better than human therapeutic mattresses, as this dog bed has been designed to reduce joint pain and to provide your dog with the appropriate pressure point relief and higher alignment support. You can even stitch the covers to enhance the durability of the dog bed. 

Dimensions- 55 x 47 x 4 inches

Material- Memory foam

Weight- 22 Pounds


  1. Hypo-allergenic foam
  2. 5-inch thick foam with 4 inches heavier density.
  3. Double covers that are waterproof.
  4. Non-skid base


  • Durable
  • Thicker and denser
  • Non-sagging mattress
  • Non-skid base



  • Poor quality denim cover
  • Covers are not waterproof.


#4 KOPEKS – Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow and Waterproof Liner & Anti-Slip Bottom

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The Kopeks Dog bed has been designed to provide your dog with sound sleep and soothing effect to their joints and bones. It fights aches caused by arthritis and hip dysplasia that prevents your dog from relaxing or sleeping comfortably. It has 5-inch thick memory foam with two waterproof covers that have been suitably designed with two layers to prevent damages and mess caused by your dog. The double covers can be removed and washed for easier cleaning and safety. 

It has an anti-slip base that prevents the mattress from slipping away while the memory foam has higher durability and density that prevents the mattress from flattening over time. The hypoallergenic memory foam prevents bacteria and allergens from accumulating on the mattress, keeping your dog safe and free from dirt and dust. It also has a 2.5 thick headrest that gives greater support to your dog’s neck and head, allowing it to sleep peacefully while snuggling with the soft covers. This dog bed is great for dogs suffering from alignment tension, arthritis, dysplasia, and old age. 

Dimensions- 35x28x5 inches

Material- Memory foam

Weight- 8.6 Pounds


  1. 5-inch thick memory foam
  2. Double layered waterproof covers
  3. Anti-skid base
  4. Hypo-allergenic mattress


  • Long-lasting
  • Easy cleaning
  • Thick and denser mattress
  • Double layered mattress cover 


  • A little expensive
  • Cheap quality zipper


#5 iComfort Sleeper Sofa Pet Bed with Dual Action Cool Effects Gel Memory Foam

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The iComfort dog bed has generous memory foam material padded for higher comfort and relief from joint aches, designed especially for your dogs. It has an open-cell design with an added micro cool gel that enhances air circulation and blood flow, keeping your dog cool and calm. This insulation design will keep your pet all snuggly and cozy in winters, while it will provide sufficient cooling to your pet in summers. The iComfort dog bed comes with a soft yet firm backrest for added support.

It even has a removable zip cover that can be easily washed to prevent odor and dirt. It has a large spacious design which is suitable for large dogs as well as 2-3 dogs altogether. It has a contemporary design that looks good in all interiors and matches with almost all kinds of décor. If you’re looking for the right bed to provide your dog with comfort and healthy life, you can definitely buy the comfort dog bed as it guarantees to provide your pup with higher support and relief from health problems.

Dimensions- 40x14x14 inches

Material- Memory Foam

Weight- 16 Pounds


  1. Removable washable covers
  2. Thick backrest
  3. Micro cool gel
  4. Spacious and comfortable 



  • Large-sized
  • Firm backrest
  • Removable zip covers
  • Highly insulated mattress



  • Poor design bolstering
  • Highly overpriced


#6 K9 Ballistics Orthopedic Luxury Rectangle Dog Bed

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The K9 Ballistics Dog Bed has a combination of two functional features that provide a relaxing experience to your dog. The covers come with an elastic design that makes it easier to wash than zipper covers. The 5-inch thick memory foam mattress has microfiber side bolsters that are 5 inches tall and provide greater support to your dog. Hypo-allergenic mattresses are prone to keep allergens and dirt away from your dog. The 3.5 inches foam density acts as optimal support for your dogs.

The dog bed is chewable, so it should be kept away from naughty dogs.  It even has a lofty faux fur for a comfortable sleep. Memory foam has been made in the US; hence it is odor-free and anti-sagging. The K9 Ballistics dog bed has been designed to keep your dog’s spine aligned while supporting its joints and bones to provide him a good sleep.

Dimensions- 38x40x5 inches

Material- Memory Foam

Weight- 6 Pounds


  1. 5-inch thick memory foam 
  2. 5-inch tall microfiber side bolsters
  3. Odor-free and anti-sagging
  4. Elastic design covers


  • Easy to remove covers
  • Microfiber bolsters
  • The US-made odor-free foam
  • No zipper design


  • Chewable
  • Size contradictions
  • Covers prone to wear and tear


#7 Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs (Headrest Edition)

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The Big Barker Orthopedic Dog bed comes with can’t flatten- won’t flatten 10-year promise; once a dog bed flattens it completely loses its support and thickness. Hence, the big barker dog bed is designed to provide the needed support to your dog. The big barker dog bed has been designed while keeping in mind the needs of the old age dogs who suffer from arthritis and hip dysplasia; it has been designed with 3 foamy layers- The outermost layer is a soft comfort foam that grants your dog a snuggly comfortable experience while the middle layers provide the highest support and stand sturdy and firm to prevent the mattress from sagging into the floor.

The Big baker dog bed has been proved to be dog owners’ favorite therapeutic bed in America. This orthopedic bed has been made in the USA, which guarantees the use of 100% real cotton and foam material. The thickness of the comfortable foam reduces tension and strain from the dog’s joints and bones. It also has a headrest for your precious dog to rest his neck and head-on. Also, this big baker dog bed comes with a ten year no flatten guarantee or else money back.

Dimensions- 52x36x7 inches

Material- Comfort Foam

Weight- 16 Pounds


  1. Therapeutic mattress
  2. 100% made in the USA
  3. 3 stage foam
  4. Anti-flattening 10 year guarantee.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • 10-year anti-flattening guarantee
  • Suitable for large and old dogs


  • Not suitable for small dogs
  • Prone to wear and tear


#8 Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed with Anti-Microbial Removable Waterproof Washable Non-slip Cover

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The Milliard Dog bed is the ideal dog bed available in a fairly valuable deal with premium features. The dog bed has a double-layered mattress foam; a 2-inch base form with 2-inch memory foam on top of it to provide your dog with higher support and pain relief. The mattress has a removable cover that is waterproof and can be easily washed in the machine, on the greater side waterproof cover can be ideal for older dogs that have vomit and pee accidents.

This bed is available in a variety of sizes that make it easier for you to choose from. It also has a non-slip bottom that prevents the bed from slipping or sliding away. The thick foamy mattress prevents the bed from sagging or sinking and continues giving your dog the needed support. 

Dimensions- 34x22x4 inches

Material- Memory foam

Weight- 4 Pounds


  1. 2 Layer foam
  2. Anti-slip bottom
  3. Removable washable covers
  4. Available in a variety of sizes


  • Value for budget
  • Waterproof covers
  • Available in several suitable sizes
  • Higher support



  • Cheap quality cover
  • Weak zipper


 #9 Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

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The Brindle Pet bed is one of the favorite therapeutic dog beds of a lot of dog owners.  It has 4-inch memory foam that not only offers higher support but also offers half high-density foam that provides support and comfort. One of the most liked features of this brindle pet bed is that 2 inches of the memory foam can fold to match your dog’s contours and posture so that it can receive higher support in whatever posture it attains without disturbing the natural alignment of its spine.

The Brindle bed is available in a variety of color options and sizes which can be suitable for all dogs irrespective of their size. It has a velour cover which can be easily removed and washed; it prevents hair and dust from accumulating on it. This bed is even suitable for dogs suffering from allergies; as it has a hypoallergenic cover that keeps bacteria, dust, and allergens away. 

Dimensions- 34x22x4 inches

Material- Memory foam

Weight- 5.3 Pounds


  1. Contoured memory foam
  2. Velour cover
  3. Hypo-allergenic mattress
  4. Warranty of 3 years


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Warranty
  • Suitable for dogs with allergies
  • Safe and highly suitable for old dogs


  • Not waterproof
  • Acquires mold


#10 Furhaven Pet Dog Bed 

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The Furhaven Pet dog bed is the perfect bed for your furry best friend. This bed is available in a variety of colors and sizes suitable for each and every dog irrespective of size or weight. It has a soft faux fur to provide your dog with a comfortable sleep and a snuggly warm experience like no other before. It has a three- bolster design that allows you dog to attain any position or posture without causing any strain or tension to it. This bed has a luxurious headrest space that allows your dog to stretch and relax its head and neck.

The bed feels utterly soft on the dog’s nose and paws, making it cuddle and sleep comfortably without suffering from any pain or tension. It has an open 3 bolster design which makes it easier for the old dogs to getting on it comfortably without any complications or pain. The pet dog bed has recycled fillings that contribute towards a safer cleaner environment. The Furhaven bed is not only valued for its convenient pricing but also for its proven longevity and suitability for dogs suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. The dog bed cover can be easily cleaned and washed in a machine.

Dimensions- 36x27x3 inches

Material- Memory foam

Weight- 3 Pounds


  1. Easy to clean- washable covers
  2. 3 bolster open design
  3. Faux fur design
  4. Recycled fillings 


  • Easy to clean covers
  • Suitable for old and disabled dogs
  • Comfortable and padded


  • Not too thick


Buying Guides about Orthopedic Dog beds

  1. When buying an orthopedic dog bed, be sure to measure your dog and buy an orthopedic bed at least twice the size of your dog. 
  2. Don’t just throw away the bed if your dog doesn’t like to sit in it. It takes time for dogs to adjust to new things.
  3. Don’t buy a thin layered bed; it would reduce support and increase stress and pressure on your dog’s joints.
  4. A waterproof bed is recommended for easy cleaning.
  5. You can even choose a washable bed for efficient cleaning.
  6. Choose the right bed depending upon your dog’s weight and size. Your dog should be able to stretch properly on the bed.
  7. If you live in a cold climate area, you can opt for orthopedic dog beds with heating pads that would keep your dog warm and cozy.
  8. An insulated bed would keep your dog comfortable, alert, and promote blood flow and air circulation, preventing joint aches.
  9. Look for an anti-chew bed that would keep your dog safe from chewing toxic products and also keep you tension free.
  10. Remember, your dog should feel comfortable in the orthopedic bed.



Which is the most suitable material for an orthopedic dog bed?

Memory foam is considered to be the most suitable material for an orthopedic dog bed because it provides therapeutic relaxation and comfort.

Should I buy a thick bed for my smaller pooch as well?

Yes, you can buy a thick bed but make sure it is not too dense or large for it.

Are heating pads and heating cords already installed in an orthopedic bed?

Many orthopedic beds come with a heating pad or a heating cord which you can use to insulate the bed.

Will my dog’s weight affect the working of the orthopedic dog bed?

Yes, you need to make sure the orthopedic dog bed would be able to provide support to your dog and manage to carry its weight.

How can I maintain the durability of an orthopedic dog bed?

Most orthopedic dog beds are durable and long-lasting. You can use a removable cover to maintain the bed’s durability while keeping it cleaned. 


What to Avoid when purchasing an Orthopedic dog bed? 

  1. Avoid buying an inappropriately sized dog bed.
  2. Avoid purchasing the first dog bed you see, you should always compare prices at different stores.
  3. Avoid buying thin layered foam beds for large-sized dogs.
  4. Avoid buying deeply thickened beds for your small pooch.
  5. Avoid buying an orthopedic bed that lacks insulation.


Who should buy an orthopedic dog bed?

  1. You can buy an orthopedic dog bed if your dog had recent surgery. Orthopedic dog beds are therapeutic and designed to keep your dog comfortable and supported.
  2. If your dog is getting old and tends to pee in its sleep, you can buy an orthopedic dog bed with washable covers that prevent odor from accumulating.
  3. Orthopedic dog beds prevent future illness and joint injuries for your dog.
  4. A good orthopedic dog bed can reduce your dog’s existing injuries and pain, even if it is suffering from arthritis or dysplasia. 
  5. Orthopedic dog beds are even beneficial for young and active dogs as the bed will benefit them on a longer run.



If you’re unable to decide which bed to choose for your precious dog, you can go through this guide and clarify your doubts. A good orthopedic bed would not only benefit your dog suffering from arthritis or dysplasia but it would also keep your young and active dog fit on a longer run. The bed comes with insulation that keeps your dog warm and cozy with intensified blood flow and air circulation allowing it to relax while it received the greatest support.

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