Top 10 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels 2020 Reviews

Dogs are active animals, they love to play and run around. The idea of outdoor dog kennel is beneficial for your dog’s health and well being; it gives them access to fresh air and sunlight. It is also good for your dog’s health to provide them with extra exercise other than walking. Some dogs also prefer to stay outdoors in their kennels rather than getting locked up inside the house.

You need to purchase a secure dog kennel to keep your dog safe from danger and harmful weather. If you’re planning on leaving your dog outdoors in the kennel for a long time, opt for a good quality secure kennel. You should provide your dog with a shelter above the kennel that provides access to sunlight and fresh air while sheltering it from harsh weather conditions.

One thing you can do to preserve your dog’s safety, happiness, and serenity is to buy a safe and secure kennel for them. Look for a good dog kennel to provide them with a beneficial habitat and to keep them fit and happy.


Things to Consider before buying Best Outdoor Dog Kennel


The first thing to keep in mind is the size of your dog. The kennel you purchase should be compatible with the dog’s size and should provide it with adequate space. If you are buying a kennel for a puppy, remember that it will eventually grow up. 


Kennels are made of different materials, like; Plastic, wood and metal. Metallic kennels tend to heat up quickly, so they should be kept under some kind of shield from the sun. But metal kennels tend to be the strongest and sturdiest. Plastic material tends to keep the odor away while wood absorbs the odor.

  1. a) Wood- Wood material tends to absorb odor and heat and it is not that strong.
  2. b) Plastic– Plastic material removes odor but it tends to be the weakest.
  3. c) Metal– Metal is the sturdiest material but it is expensive and absorbs heat in the summer.


You should check where you’ll place the kennel before purchasing it. The kennel should receive sufficient sunlight while it should be placed in such a way that it promotes air circulation.  You should be easily able to access the kennel for efficient effortless cleaning.


Taking care of a dog won’t be cheap; you obviously want what’s best for your dog. But before purchasing a dog kennel, you need to make a budget and purchase something within it.


The type of roof you choose depends upon the weather conditions. Many kennels come with a detachable roof which allows easy cleaning and adequate sunlight inside the kennel. 

  1. a) Sloping roof– This type of roof can be easily detached and has an extra layer of roof underneath it.
  2. b) Single roof panel– This type of roof allows greater ventilation and is condensed.
  3. c) Metal roofs– Metal roofs tend to be expensive but they prove to withstand harsh weather conditions. 
  4. d) Shingle roof– Shingle roof is less expensive, absorbs less heat, and can also withstand harsh weather conditions.


You should choose a sturdy kennel depending upon your dog. Large dogs deserve to stay in strong kennels which they cannot break or damage.

Design and Construction

The kennel should have a simple design with easy access that doesn’t harm your dog.

Additional Features

The dog kennel you choose should have additional features like toys, ideal flooring, locks, and windows.


Top 10 Outdoor Dog Kennels For Dog Owners


Best Outdoor Dog Kennels Reviews [Extra Large]

#1 BestPet Pet Playpen 8 Panel Indoor Outdoor Folding Metal Portable Puppy Exercise Pen Dog Fence,24″,32″,40″


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The BestPet Pen Dog Fence is designed to provide a larger spacious area to your dog; you can easily connect these playpens and form a larger area as per convenience. You can also connect these playpens in any shape you like, be it square or octagon. It comes with an easy setup that allows easier assembly in less time, granting you more space to play with your dog. It is constructed from heavy-duty rustproof metal that can withstand harsh weather conditions. You can easily reassemble it without the need for any extra tools and its lightweight makes it portable and easy to carry.

It has sturdy locks and latches that keeps your pet safe and prevents it from coming out from the playpen. You can even carry the playpen for camping, as it can be easily folded and stored. It grants visibility to the owners so that they can be aware of what their dog is up to. This BestPet Playpen is best for exercise and training your dog, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. The playpen has wired walls that ensure durability and prevent damage from your dog. 

Dimensions- 40 x 30 x 32 inches

Weight- 52.8 Pounds


  1. Sturdy rust-free metal construction.
  2. Foldable and portable
  3. Confined into a larger area.
  4. Grants visibility to the pet owner.



  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile



  • Dangerous for your dog’s feet
  • It tends to rust


#2 Wire Pen Dog Fence Playpen – Pet Dogs & Cats Outdoor Exercise Pens – Tube Gate w/Door – (8 Panel / 30 Square Feet Play Yard) Heavy Duty Portable Folding Metal Animal Cage Corral Tall Fences


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The Wire Pen Dog Fence allows multiple design configurations with its 8 panels with extra comfort and features. It provides your dog with a fun play zone or even a training compound.  This rust-proof heavy-duty metal playpen is designed to stand strong even in harsh weather conditions. It is suitable for all pet sizes as you can adjust it easily to suit your dog’s size and requirements. You don’t need tools to assemble or dismantle it, you can easily do it with the sturdy rod design that makes it easier to fold and store it.

  This Wire Playpen can be re-assembled if you want to provide a larger spacious area to your dog and it has a sturdy all-metal construction. You can keep an eye on your pet in this playpen and allow your pet with a safe and secure fun zone. This modern and durable playpen upholds a versatile design for multiple sizes. It is safe with its rounded edges and has soft wiring that prevents your pet from hurting themselves. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. You can even take this playpen for camping and traveling purposes as it can be folded and stored easily.

Dimensions- 40 x 2 x 40 inches

Weight- 17 Pounds



  1. 8 Panel multiple size compatibility
  2. Multi-purpose use
  3. Foldable and portable
  4. Safe, durable and modern design


  • Safe and well protected
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Easy assembling and dismantling



  • Not safe for your dog’s paws
  • Lacks durability


#3 Lucky Dog – Pet Resort Heavy Duty Dog Outdoor Playpen with Water-Resistant Cover, 54″H x 4’W x 4’L



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The Lucky Dog Playpen has a contemporary design built to keep your dog happy and active while contributing to the environment with its eco-friendly construction. It has 1.5 inches high legs that allow you to clean the floor of the kennel without any hassles. The entire playpen has been welded with premium stainless steel to remove sharp edges while maintaining its strong foundation. The playpen is coated with a powder that resists rust formation and damage. The playpen has a strong gate with well-built latches that can be easily locked, granting easy entry and exit from the playpen. You can easily assemble this playpen without the use of professional tools with its welded design and wiring.

It comes with a water-resistant cover that protects your dog from heavy rains, scorching heat, snow, or storm; it also has UV protection that keeps the playpen safe from deterioration or wears and tear. It has a complete eco-friendly powder coating that is safe for your pet as well as the environment. The assisted cover is even water-proof and keeps your pet healthy and safe from any climatic condition. Your pet will instantly love this Lucky dog playpen and enjoy staying in it even outdoors.

Dimensions- 48x48x52 Inches

Weight- 49 Pounds


  1. Eco-friendly powder coating
  2. UV protected cover
  3. Welded edges and wiring
  4. Sturdy latches and gates



  • Premium quality
  • Strong design and construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe and secure



  • The cover is not entirely water-proof
  • Small in size

#4 My1stPet 8 Panels Metal Exercise Dog Playpen with Door


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My1stPet Dog playpen comes with a black powder vein finish and texture that makes this playpen look more modern and elegant in your backyard. It has 8 stakes that can be easily placed on the ground for stability and sturdiness. You can even join these playpens together to create a larger play area for your dog. The playpen has 2 latch doors for easy and convenient entry or exit. The entire playpen is made from high-quality steel and has hinged doors, while the stakes are made from premium quality metal for convenient construction and assembly.

My1st Pet Playpen is the ideal playpen for dogs as it grants versatility with its large play area or training area. You won’t face any hassles while assembling it or dismantling, easily fold it and store in for convenience. Now you can even take your dog with you on trips and camping expedition with this portable and lightweight playpen.

Dimensions- 62 x 62 x 32 inches

Weight- 39 Pounds


  1. Black powder vein finish
  2. 8 Ground stakes for stability
  3. Easy to assemble and dismantle
  4. 2 Latch doors.



  • Sturdy
  • Well-designed
  • Lightweight
  • Easy entry and exit



  • Short in height

#5 Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Metal Dog Kennel with Reversible Cover, 5 Foot


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The Advantek Kennel is the ideal shelter for your dog that will provide it with extra comfort and elegance. This easy to set up kennel takes very little time to stand tall. You can easily join several kennels together to create a large area for your dog without the use of professional tools or extra panels.  You can even design the kennels in any shape or form you like, choose the most suitable configuration for your dog to make it happy and cheerful all day and night.

The Gazebo kennel comes in 3 sizes; you can choose the most appropriate one according to the size of your dog. The gazebo comes with a nylon detachable shade to keep your pet protected from the harmful sun rays. It even has a nylon corridor cover for extra shade and water-resistance. Planning on going for camping or a trip with your dog? No worries, pack the gazebo equipment in the nylon gazebo tote bag. This is the ultimate Gazebo kennel for your dog that will keep it safe and happy in the outdoors while it is protected from the climatic conditions and dangers.

Dimensions- 60x60x60 inches

Weight- 55 Pounds


  1. Large configuration design
  2. Nylon water-proof cover 
  3. Nylon tote equipment bag
  4. Easy setup


  • Size compatibility
  • Sturdy and tall in height
  • Value for money
  • Portable and easy to carry


  • Requires a sturdy base
  • Difficult to assemble alone
  • Not suitable for big dogs

#6 PetSafe Cottage view Boxed Kennel, 5-Foot-by-5-Foot-by- 4-Foot


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The PetSafe Cottage view Kennel has a luxurious-attractive design with its welded wiring and resistance features. It has a black powder coating finish that enhances its looks and makes it rust-proof and durable. This kennel is easy to set up and takes very little configuration time. You can easily fit 3 dogs in this cottage view kennel. It also has a cover that protects the dogs from sun rays and provides cooling shade. Its pinch-proof gate allows easy entry or exit from left or right.

Its security groove design will keep your pet safe from all dangers and harm. Its compact design allows it to fold easily and fit in your bag or car. You can even use extension panels to create a larger space for your dog. Its metal framing design provides well-built construction and stability. 

Dimensions- 49.3x30x9 inches

Weight- 95 Pounds


  1. Black powder-coated finish
  2. UV ray protected cover
  3. Security groove design
  4. All-metal frame for durability.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Protection from sun
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions.



  • A flat roof that can accumulate water
  • Not suitable for large dogs

#7 IRIS Wire Pet Pen


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The IRIS pet pen is the ultimate versatile playpen for your dog. It can be assembled according to your dog’s requirements while providing him extra space to move around. Its twist panel connecting design makes it easy to assemble in very little time. It has an epoxy coated rustproof wiring that enhances the play pen’s durability and makes it stronger.  It has a secured double latch door that provides extra security and safety for your dog. This heavy-duty playpen not only acts as a play zone for your pet but also acts as a training ground for your dog. You can easily secure it in its place with 4 anchors when you take your dog outdoors. It even folds and can be stored easily without any hassles. It doesn’t matter if you have a small yard or a big yard, this playpen can be adjusted according to your suited size and space.

Dimensions- 58x24x24 inches

Weight- 17 Pounds


  1. 4 Ground anchors
  2. Easy assembly
  3. Twisted panel connector
  4. Epoxy coating


  • Heavy and stable
  • Sturdy 
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy configuration


  • The gap between panels can be harmful to small pets

#8 16 Panel Heavy Duty Cage Pet Dog Cat Barrier Fence Exercise Metal Playpen Kennel by ShinShop


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The ShinShop heavy-duty cage comes with 8 panels of 2 sets that have a black vein coating finish that enhances its design and looks. It is accompanied by ground stakes that make it stable and balanced in one place. You can assemble several playpens together to create a larger spacious area for your dogs to run around and have fun.

The ShinShop playpen comes with latches and door to keep your dog safe and secure. The sturdy metal design makes it easy to assemble and dismantle.  It comes with the anti-rust finish and keeps your dog from chewing the wires or damaging it. 

Dimensions- 31×24 inches

Weight- 2 Pounds


  1. Ground stakes
  2. Latches and doors for easy access.
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Black vein powder coating 


  • Ideal for small dogs
  • Sturdy and balanced
  • Versatile allows training 
  • Durable and safe



  • Not rustproof
  • Short in height


#9 Large Dog House Lodge with Porch Deck Kennels Crates Solid Fir Wood Spacious Deck for Sunny Nap Insulated Keep Rain Out Outdoor 67w X 31d X 38h


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The Large Dog House is constructed with solid fir wood and has a dark modern texture. It has a spacious indoor area that provides your dog with an adequate sleeping comfort zone. Its large deck allows your dog to take a cozy nap in the sun. Also, the raised floor protects the dog house from impending damage and grass. The dog house allows easy air circulation and ventilation to keep your dog cool and comfortable on hot sunny days while it can sleep on the deck and enjoy the warm sun on a cold winter afternoon.

Its attractive design and look will make your backyard look more elegant and sophisticated. It has a solid roof that protects the dog from heavy rain and scorching heat; it is waterproof and designed to stand strong even during harsh weather conditions.

Dimensions- 67x38x31 inches

Weight- 2.2 Pounds


  1. Solid fir wood construction
  2. Sturdy water-resistant roof
  3. Large interiors and spacious deck
  4. Ventilated space


  • Well-protected
  • Solid construction
  • Spacious and suitable for all weather conditions
  • Attractive look



  •  Not suitable for large dogs
  •  Not that strong and durable


#10 Midwest Homes for Pets Exercise Pen for Pets with Full Max Lock Door


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The Midwest Home for pet provides a step-thru door which makes it easier and convenient for you and your dog to enter the playpen. You can easily fold the panels together and store them. The panels come with an easy assembly that takes only several minutes and it also easy to dismantle this playpen. You can even choose from the solar rooftop or wire mesh top according to your convenience.

If you plan on keeping your dog outdoors for long hours, you can opt for the sun cover playpen that would keep your dog protected from the blazing heat and provide it with shade and comfort.  Also, the Midwest playpen comes with ground stakes which makes the playpen stable and sturdy for outdoor use.  It has a protected double latch door and an e-coat finish for an attractive look and durability. 

Dimensions- 62x62x30 inches

Weight- 21 Pounds


  1. Double latch door
  2. E-coat finish
  3. Two option roof design
  4. Ground stakes for stability



  • Foldable
  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Safety ground stakes
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Door with 2 latches for extra safety
  • Doesn’t have rough sharp edges




  •  Padding recommended
  •  Fragile clips and lock
  •  Flimsy 


Best Outdoor Dog Kennels Buying Guide

  • Make sure your dog’s size and the kennel’s size are compatible.
  • Choose an adequate roof that can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • You can also choose a single roof panel that would keep the kennel insulated during cold climatic conditions.
  • If you live in an area with too much rainfall, you can buy a metal roof kennel for your dog’s protection.
  • Try to compare prices online or in different stores before purchasing a dog kennel.
  • Do not buy a very large size kennel for your dog. Choose the most suitable one as dogs tend to feel safer in smaller spaces.
  • Do not fit your kennel in a confined space outdoors; keep it in a spacious clean area.
  • Air circulation is very important inside the kennel to keep it ventilated and clean.
  • Dogs tend to run around in mud and dirt, so look for a kennel with easy access for you to clean it properly. 
  • Metal kennels tend to be expensive and they get super hot in summers but they are the strongest option.



Which is the most suitable material for dog kennels?

Metal tends to be the most suitable material as it can withstand harsh weather conditions and is quite strong. But it can become very hot in summers as it absorbs a great amount of heat.

Does the roof have an important part to play in the kennel construction?

Yes, the roof will keep your dog protected from harsh weather and dangers. It depends upon the type of material you choose. While many people opt for the metal roof as it is sturdy and built to face harsh conditions but it can become super hot. So, many people are choosing a shingle roof now. Shingle roof is stronger, cheaper, and absorbs very little heat.

What should be the appropriate size of the kennel for my dog?

The kennel should be compatible with your dog’s size; it should not be too big or too small. It should allow the dog to move in it freely without touching the walls and at the same time, it shouldn’t be too big for your dog, as it will make him feel lonely.

Does the outdoor location matter?

Yes, you should keep the dog kennel in such a location that it allows air circulation, sunlight, and fresh air while sheltering your dog from the heat and cold.

What additional feature should my dog’s kennel have?

You should choose suitable flooring for your dog and keep toys and cushioned bed for your dog to relax or play with the toys


What to Avoid when purchasing Outdoor Dog Kennels?

  1. Avoid buying a kennel too small or too big in size for your dog. Choose the most compatible size.
  2. Avoid buying a dog kennel with solidly attached roofs, it is recommended to buy removable roofs that allow you to clean the kennel easily.
  3. Avoid buying a metal roof or material kennel if you live in a very hot climatic area.
  4. Avoid placing the kennel in such a location that it prevents air circulation and doesn’t shelter your dog properly.
  5. Avoid purchasing a kennel out of your budget.


Who should buy Outdoor Dog Kennels?

  1. Anybody who doesn’t have much time to take their dogs for walks or to play with them can purchase an outdoor dog kennel that makes it convenient for the dog to enjoy the natural climate. 
  2. Dog owners who live alone with their dog and need to go for work every day can purchase an outdoor dog kennel to keep their dog safe outside.
  3. Anybody planning on taking their pet on camping trips can carry these foldable kennels. 



After reading this guide, I am sure you will be able to buy the most convenient and compatible dog kennel for your dog. Dogs are not just our friend but they tend to become our family members after some time. You would obviously want the best for your dog. Hence, keep in mind the required conditions and necessities for your dog while purchasing a suitable dog kennel.

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