Top 10 Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch in 2020 Reviews

One of the main concerns of rabbit owners is to find the best outdoor rabbit hutch for their furry friends. Most reviews reveal the torturous events that have taken place with outdoor rabbit hutches that have traumatized pet owners and made it hard for them to choose a suitable outdoor rabbit hutch. So, outdoor hutches are made while keeping in mind such issues and also to keep your rabbit in the harsh outdoor conditions without any discomfort and to provide them safety from predators.

Outdoor hutches are also heavier and sturdier to face storms and heavy rains. A suitable outdoor rabbit hutch would be able to provide your pet with similar indoor conditions. It is not only beneficial for the rabbit to be in the natural environment but it is also important for it to inhale the natural fresh air and sunlight for growth and balanced life. You cannot just keep your rabbits locked inside your house with blasting AC.

It is very important for any living being to feel the fresh air for better health. Keep in mind rabbits are very sensitive animals and are prone to health problems. So, look for a compatible outdoor hutch that caters to your needs and your rabbit’s health and comfort.


Things to Consider before buying Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Size and Dimensions

The main purpose of buying an outdoor rabbit hutch is to provide your rabbit with a sheltered comfortable home with lots of areas to run, play, and be active. It is recommended to buy a rabbit hutch, which is four times the size of your rabbit. Rabbits are very sensitive animals and they are very prone to illness and death. And rabbits that are inactive generate health problems; they like to play, remain playful and cheerful. So, remember to keep them fit by granting them run area. Even if you have a baby rabbit, keep in mind it will grow up one day, so always buy a large-sized rabbit hutch. You need to adjust litter box, water bottle, feeder, and some toys in the rabbit hutch, hence buy a rabbit hutch while keeping in mind these things. 


Rabbit hutches and cages are made from materials like wood, plastic, and metals. The most ideal material has to be wood, as it non-toxic, strong, long-lasting, and least infectious. Metal wires are used to build wire mesh and can sometimes be dangerous for the rabbits, as rabbits get their sensitive feet stuck in it and develop infections. Look for something which will be easier to clean and looks good too. Remember to look for quality material with durability and comfort.

Weight and Movement of the Rabbit hutch

One thing to keep in mind is the portability of an outdoor rabbit hutch; it should be easier for you to move it without any difficulty. Most rabbit hutches are heavy in weight but are have attached wheels for better mobility. Also, look for something which would be comfortable for traveling.


Make sure your choice of rabbit hutch and cage is safe for your rabbit. The material of the hutch or cage can be toxic and infectious for your rabbit. Even sharp wiring and objects can be a danger to them. Also, to keep them safe from predators; Outdoor rabbit hutches have a strong and durable wooden frame to keep these small furry animals safe from the predators.

The Ultimate Bedding

The ideal bedding for your rabbit should be soft and comfortable. The use of clay litter can be harmful as it emits dust that can be deadly for your rabbit and cause respiratory problems. Instead, you can use straw, hay, mat, or grass to make the ideal bedding for your pet and to cover the firm metal wiring cage and providing flawless comfort to your furry friend.

Easy Access 

The next most important thing to look for is access to the cage and hutch. Rabbits are self-cleaning animals but their cages need to be cleaned and made infection-free. For that, you need to have a door or entry which is large enough to put your arms and clean and to even hold your rabbits in and out from the cage.

Cage bars, doors, and roofs. 

Cage bars are made from metals or plastic, so make sure that they are toxic- paint free, plastic-free, and not highly galvanized to prevent rust. Rabbits have a habit to chew things, they even chew the bars and you wouldn’t want your rabbit to chew the paint or metal and fall sick. Look for easily detachable roofs that will make your cleaning job much easier and trouble-free. Also, buy good quality locks and latches to keep your rabbits safe and sound in the outdoors.


You can choose from between two types of flooring to provide better comfort and health to your rabbits:

  1. Wired flooring – Wired flooring is easier to clean as you can remove the pull-out pans and clean thoroughly with less trouble. But they are uncomfortable to walk on, so if you opt for wired flooring, try to cover it with a firm cover like mats or grass.
  2. Mat flooring – This type of flooring is more comfortable for the rabbits to move around on but the drawback is that it is troublesome to clean and you need to change the bedding for efficient cleaning. If you’ve put mats on the floor, you need to change them or clean them regularly because mats tend to soak all the water, urine, and waste.
  3. Durability and Longevity 

An outdoor rabbit hutch would be obviously kept outside, so make sure it is sturdy and strong enough to face the harsh winds, scorching heat, and heavy rains. It should be durable enough to withstand these without getting mutilated and isolated.

Additional objects

You will definitely store water and food for the rabbits inside the rabbit hutch, make sure the rabbit hutch you choose has plenty of space for a litter box, water bottle, and feeder. You can even fit some toys in it to keep your rabbit exuberant and happy. Sad and stressed rabbits tend to die early without showing any signs of discomfort. So, keep an eye on them!


Top 10 Outdoor Rabbit Hutch On The Market


Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch in 2020

#1 Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages, Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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The Petsfit Outdoor Rabbit hutch is designed to withstand the heavy storm and rains. It is constructed with solid wood to provide durability and productivity. Its modern design and top-level are made to stand apart in your garden or back yard.

Product Dimensions – 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches

Weight 65 Pounds

Material Type and Color – Classic wine red and white wooden construction with metal wired mesh.

The Petsfit Outdoor Rabbit hutch offers an easy assembly and set up. This rabbit hutch grants spacious areas for your rabbits to run around, jump, and play with their toys. It is not just strong and sturdy to stand firm against the weather but it also predator safe. It has a detachable roof which makes it easier to clean and assess.


  • Weatherproof
  • Detachable Roof
  • Water-based paint, nontoxic


  • 1. Weatherproof and durable design.
  • 2. A detachable roof that makes it easier to clean.
  • 3. Two cleaning trays


  • 1. Not as sturdy
  • 2. Small in size for 4-5 rabbits


#2  Merax 70″ Rabbit Hutch, Outdoor Pet Bunny House Wooden Cage Chicken Coop for Small Animals with 2 Run Play Area

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The Merax 70” Outdoor Rabbit Hutch is designed with a large running area and cozy resting area for your rabbit. It has a multiple access design and a roof that opens, making it easier for you to clean the hutch from inside and to easily pick your rabbits in and out of the hutch without getting your arms injured or scratched. 

Product Dimensions – 36 x 21 x 10 inches

Weight – 28.7 Pounds

Material Type and Color – Fir Wood with natural color and steel wired mesh

The Merax 70” Outdoor Rabbit Hutch has a green asphalt roof and its natural wood color makes it suitable and compatible for outdoor garden spaces. It has a pull-out tray for easy and efficient cleaning without any trouble. A water-proof non- toxic paint is coated on the wooden frame for durability and longevity.


  • Green asphalt roof and natural stain color
  • Detachable roof for easy cleaning
  • Multiple door access


  • 1. Easily detachable roof for efficient cleaning
  • 2. A partition between run area and rest area
  • 3. Easily access door



  • 1. Not too sturdy to face harsh weather conditions
  • .2. The wired on the roof is very weak.
  • 3. Flaky roof

#3 SmithBuilt 48″ Rabbit Hutch – Two Story Wood Bunny Cage


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The SmithBuilt 48” Rabbit Hutch is built with good quality solid fir wood, which is water-proof and weather-proof. It is durable and long-lasting with little maintenance. The wire mesh is coated with an epoxy coating which is rust-free, corrosion-free, and fade resistant with guaranteed durability. Its asphalt roof is essential for protecting your pet from water seepage and scorching heat of the sun. There is plenty of room for your rabbit to run around and play freely while a peaceful, cozy place is maintained for rest. A non-slip sturdy ramp is attached for traveling to the upper level easily, with a door that separates the two levels and allows easy cleaning and access.

Product Dimensions – 48x19x33 inches

Weight – 44.6 pounds

Material Type and Color – Fir wood with natural color and metallic wiring

The SmithBuilt 48” Rabbit Hutch provides a hinged roof with arms that can be locked and opened as per convenience and makes it easier for you to keep food, water, do cleaning, or just put your arms to pick your pet without harm or injury. A solid front door with a metal lock is positioned for easy access and is strong to face any dangers, along with a wire door above and a wire and wood door below. The fir wood used is pest-resistant and its sturdy wiring makes the hutch safe from predators. A removable sliding pan is crucial to make cleaning easier.


  • Pest resistant, heavy-duty wiring
  • 3 entry doors
  • Removable sliding pan in composite ABS plastic


  • 1. Easy access through 3 doors.
  • 2. Epoxy coating wire mesh that is rust-free, corrosion-free, and fade resistant.
  • 3.  Predator safe and sturdy


  •  1. The sliding pan is weak and shaky.
  • 2. The metal fencing is too wide.


#4 Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages, Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


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The Petsfit 42.5x30x46 inches Outdoor hutch is designed with strong durable wood and wired cage which is impossible to be chewed on. To avoid chewing the wooden frame, toys should be kept for chewing. There is a pull-out tray on each level and a firm ramp to give access to either level and there is a door that exists between the upper level and the lower level. There is a spacious lower level for running and jumping while the upper level offers a warm resting area.

Product Dimensions – 42.5x30x46 inches

Weight – 79 pounds

Material Type and Color – Natural Cedar with turquoise water-based paint and metal wiring.

The Petsfit 42.5x30x46 inches Outdoor hutch offers a hinged, weatherproof roof that can be easily opened for cleaning or picking up your pet. It is water-resistant and will keep your pet warm and cozy. There are 3 lockable doors for the safety of your pet, also its design makes it easier to socialize and communicate with your pet.


  • 3 lockable door access
  • Hinged-waterproof roof
  • Pull out tray on both levels


  • 1.Water-resistant
  • 2. The hinged roof allows access and makes cleaning easier.
  • 3. The sturdy ramp that gives access to either level


  • 1. Cheap plastic pull out tray
  •  2. This outdoor rabbit hutch is not large enough for 3-4 rabbits.


#5 Pawhut 91″ Deluxe Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch / Chicken Coop w/ Outdoor Run


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The Pawhut 91” Deluxe Large Wooden Rabbit hutch is designed to provide plenty of run area to your pet to keep him fit and active. The run area opens to provide easier access to your pet. There are 2 ramps for climbing the upper-level rest area.

Product Dimensions90.6 x 27.6 x 39.4 inches

Weight – 50 pounds

Material Type and Color – Solid China fir with natural color and wired mesh

The Pawhut 91” Deluxe Large Wooden Rabbit hutch has an upper-level window with an opening door which makes cleaning easier. There is a slide-out tray for making your cleaning job effortless. It offers a heavy-duty galvanized wire mesh and a waterproof roof to protect your pet from rain and sun. 


  • Many built-in windows for better ventilation
  • Slide-out tray
  • Galvanized wire mesh


  • 1. Better ventilation
  • 2. Extra ramps for easier access to either level.
  • 3. Solid wood build


  • 1. Not so sturdy ramps
  •  2. This outdoor rabbit hutch is not very strong to withstand the heavy storms.


#6 Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch Farmhouse Red


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The Advantek Stilt House Rabbit hutch is designed with a stilted nesting box and outdoor enclosure for better comfort. Its run area is covered with wire mesh to protect the rabbits from harm. It offers two levels, lower run area, and upper rest area. It includes a pull-out tray for better cleaning and a door for easier access. It is made with Advantek’s GoneGreen lightweight, pest-free, and rot-free fir wood.

Product Dimensions – 25 x 48 x 36 inches

Weight – 40 pounds

Material Type and Color – Fir lumber with auburn and white color and a wired mesh

The Advantek Stilt House Rabbit has an enclosed rabbit-friendly wire mesh to keep your pet safe from predators and all the construction metal is galvanized and is rust free. The non-toxic asphalt roof protects your rabbit from water and scorching sun.


  • Pull out tray
  • Asphalt water-proof, non-toxic roof
  • Rust-free, rot-free and pest-free fir lumber construction


  • 1. Rust-free, rot-free, and pest-free good quality construction wood.
  • 2. Pull out tray for easier cleaning
  • 3. Safe nesting box


  • 1. Small in size for several rabbits.
  • 2. It’s the plastic lining on the shelf that can harm the rabbits.

#7 Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Peaked Roof, Small


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The Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch is designed with 2 levels, lower level for the rabbit to run around and play and the upper-level area is a safe-comfort zone. There is a non-slip ramp that makes access to either level easier and even restricts entry with latched doors. The hinged roof has 2 locking arms that open on 2 sides for easier cleaning, picking up your rabbits without getting injured and for keeping the food and water easily. There is a pull out plastic tray for swift effortless cleaning.

Product Dimensions – 32.5 x 28.2 x 37.2 inches

Weight – 33 pounds

Material Type and Color – Solid glazed pine with powder-coated metal lattice

The Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch’s interior hatch door gives owners the option to restrict access between levels as needed. Its solid wood construction will keep your rabbit comfortable and safe from all dangers.


  • Pull out plastic tray
  • Hinged roof with 2 locking arms
  • Non –slip ramp for easier access to both levels.


  • 1. Strong- durable construction.
  • 2. Soft and cozy upper-level area.
  • 3. Comfortable and spacious for baby rabbits.


  • 1. Small in size
  • 2. Lightweight, may not be storm proof.

#8 PURLOVE Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden Bunny Cage Small Animals House for Outdoor/Indoor Use


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The PURLOVE Pet Rabbit Hutch is a double-story hutch designed for the comfort of your rabbit to face the outdoor weather conditions and dangers. It has 3-built in metal sliding trays for effortless cleaning. And 3-entry doors to make access easier and convenient for your pet.

Product Dimensions – 62 x 18 x 36.8 inches

Weight – 2 pounds

Material Type and Color – Fir wood with auburn and white non-toxic paint

The PURLOVE Pet Rabbit Hutch hasrabbit-safe powder coated wire mesh panels and Firwood borders to make a well-ventilated space and provide clean fresh air to your rabbit. 


  • Well ventilated hutch
  • 3-entry doors
  • 3-built in metal sliding trays


  • 1. Fully ventilated
  • 2. Easy access with 3 doors


  • 1. Thin wood

#9 Tangkula Chicken Coop, Wooden Large Outdoor Poultry Cage (Such as Bunny/Rabbit/Hen) with Ventilation Door and Removable Tray & Ramp, 58” Chicken Rabbit Hutch


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The Tangkula Wooden Rabbit hutch is constructed with fir wood and painted with eco-friendly water-proof non-toxic vanish. The hutch is waterproof, anti-corrosion, and also UV-resistant. It comes with a nesting box, resting area, ramp, and a run area. The sliding door and ramp make entry easier for the rabbits. There are timber ridges above the ramp to protect your rabbits from straying away. The raised perch keeps your rabbits safe, dry, and warm. It’s also handy in the heat as they are protected from the sun and can easily access their nesting boxes without exposure to the harsh light.

Product Dimensions – 58 x 21 x 34 inches

Weight – 44 pounds

Material Type and Color – Chinese fir coated with non-toxic natural stain paint

The Tangkula Wooden Rabbit hutch has removable trays and gliding fences that make cleaning and assess to the hutch easier and better. The gliding fences act as great ventilation for your rabbit hutch. The asphalt water-proof roof keeps the hutch water-resistant and warm.


  • Asphalt water-proof roof
  • Ventilated gliding fence
  • Water-proof non-toxic varnish


  •  Spacious with enough area.
  • Water-proof, rust-resistant, and UV-resistant, hence it requires less maintenance


  •  Not too big in size
  •  Not very solid


#10 Aivituvin [Upgrade Version] Rabbit Hutch Bunny Hutch, Rabbit Cage with Two No Leak Trays, Indoor & Outdoor Cage for Bunny, Upgraded Bottom Wire Netting


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The Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch comes with quality plastic trays that will remain durable, leak-free, and mold-free. It has an extra metal wiring to keep your rabbit safe from its waste. It also has 4 Casters to move the hutch effortlessly and quickly, two of them are brakes to stay protected. It is a water-proof hutch with 3 access doors and a ramp that makes it perfect for outdoors. It is offered with a metal feeder and a chewing toy. 

Product Dimensions – 38.6 x 25.6 x 44.2 inches

Weight – 57.2 pounds

Material Type and Color – Cypress fir with grayish-white color

The Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch is the ideal mix of safety and comfort.  The access door and ramp makes movement easy and the locks are strong enough to keep your rabbits safe during the night.


  • 4 casters, 2 brakes
  • 3 access doors
  • Extra metal wiring


  • It is very much strong and secured.
  • It can be easily moved
  • Extra metal wiring keeps the rabbits clean.


  • Bedding gets stuck between edges.
  • The design should be modified better as rabbits end up chewing the wood.


Buying Guides about Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

  1. Invest in a good quality outdoor rabbit hutch, for durability and rabbits tend to live for 13 years, so you want something long-lasting. 
  2. Be prepared to provide your rabbit with toys for some fun activities and to remain active as rabbits tend to get bored and fall in depression if they lack activities and fitness.
  3. Also invest in a good quality water bottle, litter box, and feeder as these things are used daily and need to be cleaned from time to time.
  4. Look for an outdoor hutch made with wooden material rather than metal, as metal materials can tend to be infectious and dangerous for the sensitive feet of the rabbit.
  5. Get a well ventilated, water-proof, and weather-resistant outdoor hutch to prevent damages and withering during storms and heavy rains.
  6. Give your rabbit an extra space to jump and run around by investing in a large-sized outdoor hutch.
  7. Choose an outdoor hutch with handles for easier and effortless mobility. 
  8. Large and heavy hutches with wheels promote effortless movement and save time.



Why is an outdoor rabbit hutch important?

An outdoor rabbit hutch provides comfort to the rabbit in its natural habitat with fresh sunlight and air.

Will rabbits able to survive outdoors during winters?

Yes, they can live outside in mild cold temperatures if you provide them with a suitable shelter to face the cold. Provide extra bedding in the rabbit hutch and cover the hutch with a tarpaulin during cold winds and rains. You can even provide extra insulation.

Is there a minimum cage size for rabbits?

An outdoor rabbit hutch should be four times the size of the rabbit to keep it comfortable, active, and spirited in its home. Rabbits are very sensitive animals and lack of exercise makes them vulnerable to illness and even death. Hence, get a large cage for your rabbit to run around freely and enjoy itself.

How to make your outdoor rabbit hutch predator safe?

Outdoor rabbit hutches come with a sturdy frame and body. They are built with strength and durability in mind. You shouldn’t worry about predators as long as your outdoor rabbit hutch is strong and has sturdy doors and locks.

Why is the constant cleaning of the outdoor rabbit hutch important?

Even though rabbits are self-cleaning animals, they can’t survive in dirt and impurities. They are sensitive to infections and can die easily without showing signs of discomfort. So, it is better to clean their hutch consistently.


What to Avoid when purchasing an Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

When you’re purchasing an outdoor rabbit hutch, avoid wasting money on metal built hutches. Look for some comfortable bedding instead of clay litters. Focus on the flooring; avoid metal wiring flooring as it can harm your rabbit’s sensitive feet. Avoid cluttering your rabbits in a small hutch, making them fall into depression. Avoid buying a cheaply painted hutch with plastic layering. Go for non-toxic paints and rust-free galvanized metal wirings.


Who Should Buy an Outdoor Rabbit Hutch?

  1. People owning mother pets than rabbits can keep their rabbits safe in outdoor rabbit hutches.
  2. Safety is the main concern for many people today, hence they should buy a good quality hutch to keep their rabbits safe from predators, climate change, and outdoor hassles.
  3. People who want to maintain a bond and want their rabbit to socialize with them can invest in a good hutch.
  4. If you want your rabbit to play, be fit, and remain cheerful, you can buy a rabbit hutch with lots of toys.
  5. If you want your rabbit to roam in your garden and yards freely and happily, you can opt for an outdoor rabbit hutch and later keep them back in their hutch.
  6. An outdoor rabbit hutch acts as a safe shelter for your rabbit where they receive adequate sunlight, fresh air, and exercise.
  7. An outdoor rabbit hutch can act as an indelible home for your bunny, particularly when you live in a mild climatic area with several rabbits.
  8. Rabbits can speedily take flight and get stray or even in unfortunate situations, eaten by a predator.
  9. If you or your partner is allergic to rabbits, you can keep them in outdoor hutches.
  10. If you have limited space inside your house or room, it would be difficult for you to fit an indoor rabbit cage. An outdoor hutch is suitable as they come in a variety of sizes to fit into almost any outdoor area.
  11. An outdoor rabbit hutch is suitable when a member of your family doesn’t want a rabbit inside the house, you can set the compatible environment for your rabbit without distressing any member of the family. 
  12. If you want to keep a lot of rabbits, indoor cages aren’t a good option. Outdoor hutches provide lots of area for several rabbits without taking up valuable indoor area planned for humans.
  13. The rabbit hutch is large in size and heavy in weight. They tend to dent floors and increase the chances of enduring damage when budged. Hence, you can always opt for a saver option – Outdoor Rabbit hutch!

Advantages of an Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

  1. It protects your rabbit from the harsh climatic conditions, predators, and other harmful aspects.
  2. With lots of space to run, jump around, Rabbits remain jolly and spirited. And extra fit!
  3. Outdoor rabbit hutch has the advantage of space, hence you can expand the hutch according to your own convenience.
  4. It can offer a comfortable and warm shelter for your pet.
  5. The outdoor rabbit hutch is cleaner and hygienic for rabbits.



While looking for the best outdoor rabbit hutch, go for something that would be suitable and fulfill the needs of your rabbit and limit your concerns. An outdoor rabbit hutch provides safety, comfort, and is large enough to grant extra running space to your rabbit.

Also, it is useful when someone in your house is allergic to rabbits. Not everyone at home likes rabbits, to maintain that equity you can provide the rabbits with a suitable environment outdoors with safety. When it comes to the safety and shelter of your pet, not only quality materials are important but durability and longevity to are crucial.

The hutch not only will act as a bed, litter box, and playground for your pet but also keep it safe. Your outdoor rabbit hutch can come in any size, shape, configuration, or price range you choose. You have far more options in outdoor hutches than you generally do for indoor cages, so plan and choose accordingly. 

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